We are all Palestinians now

Dr Vernon Coleman

If I were American I would be rather worried about my countryís military capabilities.

Recently, America decided that since the Israelis wonít allow enough food trucks into Gaza they would try to win a few brownie points by parachuting in some supplies Ė not enough to do any good or to annoy the Israelis (of whom Biden is obviously terrified) but enough to satisfy critics of American foreign policy. After all, even Biden must be aware that every humane and caring individual in the world is distraught at the way millions in Gaza are trapped in the worldís largest ever concentration camp and are dying of starvation and dehydration. Mothers are cooking grass to feed their children.

The Biden plan did not go well.

First, there obviously wasnít enough food being parachuted in. There were (allegedly) 30,000 meals in the parachute drops. Now, my maths isnít the best in the world but even I can work out that 30,000 meals wonít go very far when there are over two million empty stomachs to feed. Itís a bit like offering a single ice cream cone to an army of children. And, of course, the starving millions would probably quite like to be fed more than once a day.

Second, several of the parachutes didnít work and the drop killed at least five innocent Palestinians and injured others. If I were an American soldier (which I am pleased to say I am not) Iíd be worried at those odds. Iíd like to have confidence that my parachute might open.

Third, quite a lot of the meals-by-parachute were misdirected and fell into the sea. The American military, remember, claim they can drop a bomb down a chimney pot or through a window. Iíd have thought that being able to tell where the sea ends and the land begins was pretty much an essential requirement for people in aeroplanes.

Still, letís forget about the parachuted food. Iím sure that Biden would like to forget about it. What a lucky thing it is thatís forgetting is one of the things heís really good at.

Bidenís back up plan is to build a port off the coast of Gaza so that American ships can steam up and unload their supplies onto the beach. (Why donít the Americans just deliver the food by road? Well, thatís because the Israelis wonít allow that. And Biden is frightened of the Israelis because he knows they think heís just a goy and not only do they treat all goys like shit but Jewish banks have all the money.)

Now, I find this the oddest plan of all because I remember watching lots of World War II movies in which ships have landing craft. The ship approaches the shore and uses landing craft to move men and supplies onto the beach. Navies have been doing this for ever. I can only assume that either America no longer has any ships capable of landing men on a foreign shore or that the Israelis have told them that this isnít allowed because itís against their rules and might save some lives of non-Jewish people.

The bottom line in all this is that, thanks to the Israelis, approximately two million people (or however many are left in Gaza after the relentless bombing) are starving to death. Now. As you read this. Netanyahu, Israelís answer to Pol Pot, wants total victory (even though most Israelis realise this is impossible) and he doesnít care how many innocent women and children must die in the attempt. Indeed, it is clear that Netanyahuís plans are to control Gaza forever. He is already building a road across Gaza which splits the country in two. (Imagine the fuss if the Germans just set about building a new road across France.) And if you have watched my video entitled `Why Israel really Invaded Gazaí you will know that this genocide is all about oil and money. (If you havenít watched the video yet, you can find it via the Video button on www.vernoncoleman.com When youíve watched it please send it to everyone you know.) The blatant greed of the Israelis reminds me that the boss of Goldman Sachs had a 24% pay rise last year Ė taking him to £25 million for the year Ė despite the fact that the bank sacked 3,200 because profits fell so much.

And what makes it all worse is that every damned government in the world is so terrified of the Israelis that they are supporting this genocide. And, not surprisingly, most of the corrupt, bought-and-paid-for mainstream media supports and defends Israel too.

The UK is training Israeli military personnel. RAF planes are flying in and out of Israel. The UK has permanent military personnel in Israel. And prime minister Sunak and king Charles both seem very keen for this to continue. Sunak you will remember is already a war criminal for having supplied Ukraine with illegal weapons. Oh, and did I mention, that the UK has been supplying Israel with the ammunition theyíve been using to kill Palestinian babies and children?

What the Israelis (and the Western governments) fail to understand is that thanks to the Israelis, we are all Palestinians now. It wouldnít surprise me if there were now more Palestinian supporters of Hamas than ever before. Iím afraid that the word `anti-semitic will probably soon be regarded by millions as a badge of honour and a compliment. The Jews who support Israel, who regard the `goyí as second class citizens, and who donít realise what is happening, and what the future will be like, are inhuman and probably so stupid that they need someone to tell them to breathe occasionally.

The nauseating sight of overfed, complacent, self-satisfied Israelis preventing food and water lorries from entering Gaza has sickened the world.

Those who are keeping quiet about the Israeli atrocities are as guilty of war crimes as were the Germans who kept quiet in 1939 and onwards. Anyone who cannot see that Israelís actions are unjustified is morally blinded by misplaced nationalistic and toxic prejudice.

It is our duty as human beings to speak out against the genocide and to condemn Israel and anyone who supports their policies.

I no longer believe anything the Israelis say. It is not surprising that many now suspect that what happened on October 7 2023 was a false flag operation, either orchestrated or allowed by Israel. The Israelis have lied so often that their reputation will remain sullied for generations. Or forever. We need a global boycott of Israel (including from the Eurovision Song Contest and all sporting contests).

And meanwhile, England is importing hundreds of thousands of single, young, Muslim men. I wonder how many of them side with the Palestinians in Gaza and how many side with Israel.

Even Englandís security forces must realise that we have serious problems ahead.

Oh, and one last thing, anyone who wants to accuse me of being anti-Semitic should know that false accusations of anti-semitism are now worth around £15,000 in libel damages.

Vernon Colemanís book `Their Terrifying Planí explains what is happening to the world. The book is available via the bookshop on www.vernoncoleman.com

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