Only Morons Wear Masks

Dr Vernon Coleman

Predictably, the conspirators’ shills and spokes-idiots are all lining up to insist that everyone start wearing face masks again.

Like most people with a brain, I haven’t worn a mask at all during this fake pandemic. (I did wear one when I was a medical student in the 1960s and a house surgeon in the 1970s. And I wore one once in the 1980s when I was removing asbestos from an old house. Asbestos fibres are quite large and easily stopped by a mask.)

Over a dozen scientific papers show clearly that masks are ineffective in preventing the movement of infective organisms, and/or reduce oxygen levels and expose wearers to increased levels of carbon dioxide. The available medical evidence proves that masks do no good in preventing the spread of infection but do a great deal of harm to those wearing them. A study in the journal Cancer Discovery found that inhalation of harmful microbes can contribute to advanced stage lung cancer.

Here are ten excellent reasons why anyone who wears a mask is a moron:

1. A study of 53 surgeons, published in the journal Neurocirugia concluded that ‘exhaled carbon dioxide may be trapped inside face masks, inducing a decrease in blood oxygenation’. Numerous other studies have confirmed this. An N95 mask can reduce blood oxygenation by as much as 20% and this can lead to a loss of consciousness.

2. The following quote is taken from the New England Journal of Medicine: `In many cases the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic’.

3. The proceedings of the VIIth International Pneumoconioses Conference included details of three cases of pulmonary fibrosis thought to be due to exposure to synthetic textile fibres. A later scientific paper discovered that `loose particulate was seen on each type of masks’. Inhaled fibres can lead to asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and other lung diseases.

4. In 2015, a paper in the British Medical Journal concluded that `the results caution against the use of cloth masks’. The study showed that `moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. The authors added that `cloth masks should not be recommended for health care workers, particularly in high risk situations, and guidelines need to be updated.’

5. Viruses may accumulate in the fabric of a mask – thereby increasing the amount of the virus being inhaled.

6. A paper entitled `Postoperative wound infections and surgical face masks: a controlled study’ was published in World Journal Surgery in 1991. After a study of 3,088 surgeries, the author reported that the use of masks in surgery was found to slightly increase the incidence of infection over not masking. The surgeons’ masks were found to give no protection to the patients.

7. Putting a mask on a baby is dangerous and may increase the risk of suffocation. Masks put on older children will lead to serious long-term psychological problems. Children are especially vulnerable to the brain damage which will result from hypoxia caused by mask wearing.

8. Masks are known to cause facial rashes, fungal infections and bacterial infections. Doctors around the world have reported a link between mask wearing and bacterial pneumonia.

9. A paper published in `Ophthalmology and Therapy’ warned of an increase in dry eye syndrome among mask wearers. Mask wearing also causes oral and dental problems.

10. Reduced oxygen levels, caused by mask wearing, will lead to an increase in cancer and an increase in metastases in cancer patients who are in remission.

An astonishing 68% of patients wearing masks have reported health problems related to their mask wearing. The commonest problems are irritability, headache, difficulty in concentrating, unhappiness, reluctance to go to school, malaise, impaired learning and drowsiness and fatigue.

In March 2020, Dr Chris Whitty, Government medical advisor in England, warned that the Government did not advise healthy individuals to wear masks. In the US, Dr Anthony Fauci described mask wearing as virtue signalling. A study published by the CDC in America in 2020 concluded that face masks were of no help in preventing influenza.

The only reason to force people to wear masks is to intimidate them, control them and kill them. It is worth remembering that the CIA used mask wearing as a form of torture. Around the world, politicians have benefitted financially by promoting masks. In the UK, the National Audit Office found that companies recommended by MPs, peers and minister’s offices were given priority as the Government sought to obtain Personal Protective Equipment.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2022

My book `Proof that face masks do more harm than good’ contains details of scores of scientific papers proving that mask wearing is dangerous. The book was written in 2021 and still hasn’t found a publisher (but I think I’m close to arranging paperback publication). Meanwhile you can download a free copy here: `Proof that face masks do more harm than good’. The most recent of my videos about masks (called Chronic Maskitis and dated 21st February 2022) is available under the videos heading on Several other videos about masks were published early in the fake pandemic and also still available on the same website.