We Hate EU And We Always Will

Vernon Coleman

The British people have been betrayed by politicians. Theresa May has destroyed Brexit, the Tory party and Britain.

I never thought it was going to be easy to get free of the awful EU. The neo-Nazis were always going to fight dirty. But I didnít think the people would be treated with such blatant contempt. I knew the Remainers would never find it easy to accept the verdict of the people. But I never dreamt we would have a Prime Minister, a Chancellor and a Cabinet who would just ignore the result of the Referendum.

The civil service, parliament and the media have been loyal to the EU rather than to the country they are supposed to serve.

The bottom line is that those who have opposed a Ďno dealí exit from the EU, are traitors and neo Nazis. The EU was founded by Nazis to create a United States of Europe. One of its aims was always to break up Britain and to destroy England.

I sincerely hope their future careers in politics are short lived. Politicians and civil servants deserve to be treated with the same sort of contempt that they have shown us.

What a huge pity it is that there are now two political parties fighting for Brexit: UKIP and Nigel Farageís Brexit Party.

The danger, of course, is that at the next election the two parties will be competing for the same votes.

And by splitting the Brexit vote, they will allow one of the big, dirty parties to win again.

If they cannot unite then the only answer is for UKIP and the Brexit Party to stand in alternate constituencies for Parliamentary elections and in alternate regions if we have to stand in European elections.

If they do that they could share a massive, vital victory and be able to form a unique Coalition Government which could reverse everything May has done. May and her Cabinet did not act on behalf of the British people. We can honourably reject any deal she did.

Meanwhile, we should do all we can to support one or both of these freedom parties.

We need to win this battle quickly. Brexit has been a humiliating waste of time and the longer May and Company remain in power the more time we will waste and the more we will be humiliated.

The Brexit Betrayal has been a debacle which has damned near destroyed Britain.

An astonishing 60% of Britons admit that the chaos, the uncertainty, the sense of desperation and the frustration have made them mentally ill Ė creating genuine anxiety and depression and the very real physical problems associated with stress.

Remainer MPs are selfish, self-centred bastards who donít care about the damage they have done to Britain.

They are all traitors. They care only about themselves and the well-paid jobs theyíre hoping to be given with the EU and the big American banks. (Remember Edward Heath received a reward of £35,000 for taking us into the EU.)

There is absolutely no reason for the EU to exist Ė other than to glorify Adolf Hitlerís memory. (Anyone who has read The Shocking History of the EU will have read the facts).

If you ask a Remainer why they want to be in the EU they mumble and look puzzled. They have no idea why they want Britain to be a member. Itís what they have been told to think.

The Remainers know that if there is another Referendum then, for the sake of the EU, they have to win it. Another victory for the Brexiteers would probably result in death for the EU. The entire establishment will be behind the Remainers. As will the BBC (the Enemy of the People) and most of the media.

The fight now is for real.

There can no longer be any `togetherí in Britain.

As I wrote some time ago, we are now in a state of Civil War.

It is entirely the making of the Remainers.

And if it makes the 100 years war look like an afternoon picnic then so be it.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

P.S. Michel Barnier, the EUís negotiator, has complained that Brexiteers want to destroy the EU. Youíre bang on the button there, sunshine.

P.P.S. How many Remainers know that if we stay in the EU, Britain will have to join the euro? Itís non negotiable. Remainers might well like the idea of being able to use their own currency to buy a ski pass in France and an ice cream in Italy but I wonder if they know how inflationary joining the euro will be. Joining the euro will cost every family in the UK an initial £3,000. And the annual cost will be almost as high. If you want to see how the euro will affect Britain just look at Greece and Italy. And remember that the eurocrats now hate Britain and will do everything they can to destroy our country.

P.P.P.S. If you want to know what Britain will be like in 2025 if we stay in the EU, read my novel Revolt.