Welsh Independence

Vernon Coleman

So, the Welsh want independence.

I have to confess that I laughed out loud when I heard this.

The DVLA and HMRC will have to leave Wales, of course.

And Cardiff and Swansea will become ghost towns.

Scotland makes whisky and kilts but what can Wales offer the world? Port Talbot and a decent supply of rainwater, a few lovely beaches and some rather on-their-uppers holiday resorts.

The irony is that although the Welsh voted to leave the EU, the enthusiastic but naÔve innocents who want Wales to be Independent also want the land of the leek to remain in the EU and be controlled by the unelected eurocrats in Brussels. (Not much of an independence, if you ask me.)

Sadly, however, the EU doesnít want any more member countries with no industry and no income and so they wonít accept an independent Wales any more than they will accept an independent Scotland.

Income tax will have to go to 90p in the £ to pay the costs of running the Welsh Parliament but there wonít be anyone left to pay it.

The Welsh would be well advised to stay joined to England. When Scotland leaves the Union and becomes an impoverished colonial outpost we will all be rich beyond our wildest dreams.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019