We Must Destroy the EU – and Here’s How

Vernon Coleman

The people of Britain voted to leave the EU. But over 70% of our MPs want us to stay in the EU. And it looks as though they may get their way. The Remainers never intended the Referendum to be properly honoured.

Some of these treacherous MPs have (like the BBC) been bought by the EU and don’t want us to leave their gravy train. They have been lobbied and bribed by large international companies which approve of the EU because, being a truly fascist organisation, it efficiently and deliberately crushes annoying small companies. (Some of these MPs still don’t realise the EU was designed to serve the interests of IG Farben, the German company which built Auschwitz and manufactured the chemical used in the gas chambers.)

Other Parliamentarians are simply too stupid to understand the basic principles of freedom, democracy and economics. And they haven’t bothered to investigate the background of the organisation for which they appear to have such affection. There are probably a couple of dozen MPs who think the `Nazis’ were a heavy metal band in the 1980s.

And, who knows, maybe some of our Remainer MPs actually revere the Nazis and are delighted to defend their creation. They are probably proud to be defending the EU – aka the New Nazi Party of Europe.

The arrogant self-serving political representatives who are working to overthrow the will of the people don’t understand that they are paid to represent the people – not serve the EU.

The only way to protect ourselves is to destroy the EU.

And to do that we need to spread the truth about how the EU was created.

The EU doesn’t mention this in its official histories but the idea of the European Union was first put forward by the Nazis in the 1930s and then during the War.

As Jack King points out in his new book Indisputable Evidence Proving the EU Was Created by Nazis: `most of the claims about the formation of the EU, particularly the ones favoured by Remainers and the BBC, can be categorised along with the work of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. Some of the claims favoured by Remainers may be convenient and even romantic but it would be just as honest to say that the whole enterprise was devised by the tooth fairy on her afternoon off. The truth is that the EU’s formation is a tale of deceit, corruption and treachery.’

As always with the EU, the people in power do not want anyone to know the truth. The fact is, however, that no one can now deny that the EU was designed by the Nazis, created by the Nazis and, for the first year of its life at least, staffed and controlled by Nazis. In the early days, the Nazis had much aid and support from powerful Americans such as John McCloy and Thomas McKittrick.

It is no accident that the EU opposes democracy and openness and that secrecy, fraud, theft, waste and corruption have repeatedly (and undeniably) been shown to be integral to the EU’s way of doing things. That’s the way it was planned.

The EU has, in the past, successfully hidden its past but Jack King’s new book makes that impossible. From now on it will be as dishonest to deny the link between the Nazis and the EU as it is considered to be to deny the existence of the gas chambers at places such as Auschwitz.

The history of the EU actually goes back to 1925 when a group of important German companies (Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, AGFA and others) formed a cartel called IG Farben. Their aim was to obtain control of global markets in key industrial sectors – specifically: chemicals, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals.

In 1933, IG Farben began to finance a rising German politician called Adolf Hitler, and his National Socialist German Workers’ Party (already known as the Nazi Party), believing that the Nazis would help them in their goal of controlling markets world-wide. It was one of Hitler’s associates, Walther Funk, (who was later the designer of the European Union) who persuaded industrials to finance the Nazis.

The relationship between IG Farben and the Nazis was symbiotic.

IG Farben gave millions of reichsmarks to the Nazis and in return the Nazis gave the company control over industries in the countries which the Germans occupied. The aim was to create a massive European Market for their products. The Nazis helped IG Farben by providing cheap labour through its concentration camps. IG Farben made the gas for the gas chambers.

Walther Funk was Hitler’s Reich Economic Minister and his wartime speech `The Economic Reorganisation of Europe’ is the clear blueprint for the European Union as it exists today. The plan was for the EU to help German companies dominate Europe.

In 1943, Ribbentrop, Hitler’s Foreign Minister, proposed the abolition of customs barriers and the formation of a European Confederation. Ribbentrop and Funk even planned the euro and the European Commission.

The bottom line is that all Remainers and all those who support the European Union must now be considered Nazi sympathisers. (I wonder how members of the Green Party will feel about that?)

It is widely believed that at the end of the War, important Nazis were either executed or they ran away. Around twelve thousand Germans stuffed their stolen money into travel bags, fled Europe and headed for Argentina where they (and their money) were welcomed and allowed to start new lives.

But the ambitious, powerful, patriotic and really devious Nazis were not punished. They stayed in Germany because they knew that although they had lost the War their plans would ensure that they won the peace.

The directors of IG Farben, the conglomerate which funded Hitler, ran a camp at Auschwitz and produced the gas used in the gas chambers, were allowed to play a vital part in founding the European Union. The assets of IG Farben were transferred to German companies which are now among the richest in Europe – companies such as BASF, Bayer and Hoechst. IG Farben was not punished or even fined.

Ex Nazis became directors of many of Germany’s biggest companies, filled the civil service and ran the country.

The first President of the European Commission was Walter Hallstein, a Nazi officer who helped write the document calling for the extermination of the Jews. Between 1965 and 1970, West German’s Ambassador to the UK was a man called Blankenhorn – a former Nazi.

There has, to date, been a sad naivete about the mass of Remainers who have supported the EU with enthusiasm without bothering to find out anything about the nature or history of the organisation. The supporters have been led (and misled), by and large, by a bunch of paid supporters (former EU employees), newspapers with a proprietorial axe to grind and the BBC – an utterly discredited organisation which has received huge sums of money from the EU and cannot be regarded as in way respectable or reliable as a source of information.

In recent years, corruption and dishonesty have become endemic within the EU. The Commission responds to lobbying by introducing legislation designed to protect the interests of large corporations (particularly if they happen to be German) and it is the absence of any democratic process which has made the EU widely unpopular among the people of Europe. There is no doubt that the EU is the most efficient and fascist organisation ever created.

If you really want to help defeat the EU then you must read Jack King’s new book entitled Indisputable Evidence Proving the EU was Created by Nazis. You will, I promise, be staggered by the truth about how the EU was created.

The book is packed with astonishing, previously hidden history. So, for example, you will be astonished to discover just how the Bank of England helped the Nazis use stolen gold to pay for their war machine.

If you care for Britain and Brexit, then please tell your friends (and enemies!) to read this amazing book. Send copies to your local newspaper, your local TV and radio stations and your MP. That’s what I am doing. Tell Leavers and Remainers to read it.

By spreading the truth about the EU we can help to destroy it.

Jack King’s book is available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon. All profits and royalties will be spent sending off more copies of the book to journalists and politicians throughout Europe.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2019