We Want Trump!

Vernon Coleman

Nerdy left wingers who sneer at President Donald Trump might like to know that:

a) Trump has slashed red tape in America. Obama, the ultimate hypocrite, passed 841 new laws during his presidency. But Trump created a new rule insisting that for every new regulation issued at least two existing rules had to go. Hes done much better than that, and red tape in the US has been slashed.
b) Worried by the free speech crisis at American universities, Trump has ruled that if a university fails to protect free speech, the federal government can withhold millions of dollars in funding.

Oh, how I wish we could borrow Trump for a month. He would have delivered Brexit in a day. And the mean spirited, narrow minded, politically correct, lefty loonies who currently run our world would all be running for the hills.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019