We Wonít Accept Brexit Lite!

by Vernon Coleman

We voted for the full thing. We said we wanted to leave the EU and thatís what we damned well want. Anything else would be a betrayal of what is left of our democracy.

Teams of self-serving lawyers and fascist MPs are campaigning for Parliament to overrule the will of the people, to have a second referendum (the EUís favourite way of dealing with an unexpected, unwanted outbreak of democracy) or, most dangerous of all, to negotiate something that looks vaguely like Brexit but isnít.

The EU apologists and appeasers do not realise that Germany controls the ECB and the euro and therefore controls the EU.

President Obama and other Americans who tried to blackmail Britain into remaining in the European Union donít understand that the German plan is to replace the dollar with the euro as the worldís leading currency. The EU is already a far bigger player economically than the United States of America and it is constantly growing by adding new countries to its portfolio. It is about time that Americans realised that far from being an ally, the EUís intention is to smash American power and authority. That was, after all, always part of Hitlerís plan and it is now part of the Merkelís plan. The three EU presidents will do whatever Merkel wants as long as they can keep their huge salaries, huge pension funds and huge numbers of courtiers. Within the EU, corruption rules and Ďself-servingí is the name of the only game in town.

Those of us in the majority, the ones wise enough to vote to leave the EU, donít want a watered down exit Ė that would be like winning World War II and letting Hitler keep France, Italy and Sussex. We donít want to keep our access to the EUís markets, we donít want to give the EU another penny and we certainly donít want to keep our borders open to all the immigrants the EU wants to send us. Itís simple: we want our country back. We donít want any of their damned rules and regulations, and the sooner Merkel realises this the sooner she will tell the evil EU triumvirate to get on with negotiating a reasonable divorce settlement.

Meanwhile, as we plan our departure from the EU, we must put pressure on the Government to get rid of the Goldman Sachs man currently ruining the Bank of England. Carneyís latest lunacy, halving interest rates and opening up the printing presses again, seems to me to be designed to prove that his dire warnings about Brexit were accurate and to punish the sensible, industrious, cautious majority who have savings and who voted for Brexit. Carneyís ultimate aim must surely be to help those campaigning for a second referendum and an end to Ďall this Brexit nonsenseí. Carneyís latest move will push up the cost of all our imports and destroy what is left of our industry.

Our problem is that Carney is a Goldman Sachs man and Goldman Sachs men tend to be loyal to their evil alma mater wherever they happen to be working. Just look at the damage Goldman Sachs alumni have done in America.

Goldman Sachs wants Britain to stay in the EU because theyíll lose gazillions if we leave. And Goldman Sachs is a ruthless bank. Donít forget it was Goldman Sachs which got Greece into its current mess Ė and made big money out of doing so.

The Brexit battle isnít over. In some respects itís only just started.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2016