Royals – What a Family!

Dr Vernon Coleman

In decent families people stick by one another when they’re in trouble – especially when they haven’t actually been found guilty of anything other, perhaps, than naivety, a little arrogance and some stupidity. (Making that BBC programme exhibited all three.)

But the queen, Charlie the Chump and Wet Willie have shown their true colours by throwing Randy Andy to the wolves.

Andrew has not yet been convicted of anything. And far as I know he’s at the butt end of a civil charge –not a criminal charge.

I can’t stand him.

Or any of the wretched royals – who have, I believe, betrayed us all by promoting toxic, experimental jabs and pushing the pseudoscientific climate change lie.

But it’s entertaining and educational to see how the royal family’s instinct is to protect themselves.

It is, after all, just what they do all the time.

They’re dumping Andrew to save themselves.

But we shouldn’t be surprised.

After all, they’ve betrayed us all.

What a bloody family.

They have billions and yet every year we give them millions of pounds of our money!

We must be mad.

We should send them all into exile.

Somewhere like Mars would be nice.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2022

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