What Planet is this?

Dr Vernon Coleman

The BBC website has a headline today (19th May 2021) which reads: `Covid 19: Get the jab to protect your friends and family.’

The covid-19 jabs do not, of course, stop you getting covid. Nor do they stop you spreading it.

Once again the BBC fails the factchecker test.

And from the Bangkok Post this morning comes news that covid vaccinations are now compulsory in Buri Ram. A vaccine from China will be used. Those who refuse the vaccine may be liable to a maximum of two years in prison and/or a fine of up to 40,000 baht.

I did not see any report of this on the BBC website.

A friend of mine who lives in Thailand runs an animal sanctuary for around 300 dogs. I’ve suggested that he simply keeps the barkiest dogs, the ones with the biggest teeth, around him when the jibbyjab men turn up.

And, probably the most stupid new law I have seen for at least a week comes from Portugal where holidaymakers have been told that they have to wear face masks on the beaches or be fined 100 euros.

There are going to be some very interesting suntans.

And what happens to sunbathers who want to pop into the sea to cool off? Those who keep on their masks (as they may be expected to do) will experience the joys of water boarding. Those who put their masks down on the beach and put them back on again will subsequently be breathing in bits of sand and so on.

In the UK the Daily Mail is aggressively targeting the wise members of society with a headline which reads: `NOW VACCINE REFUSENIKS THREATEN FREEDOM’.

They do not, of course, explain what they mean by `freedom’.

And finally, news comes from all quarters of hospitals and accident and emergency departments being full of people suffering side effects from the jabs.

If you take a drug which causes side-effects you can stop the drug – and hopefully the side-effects will disappear.

But with an injection, the stuff is in your body for life.

And remember, a variant of Coleman’s First Law of Medicine applies just as much for drugs which are injected as it does to drugs which are swallowed or, indeed, to any other form of treatment. Coleman’s First Law is that if you develop new symptoms after treatment for a medical condition then the new symptoms should be assumed to have been caused by the treatment for the original symptoms. The variant applies if you are well and receive treatment (such as vaccine or pseudo vaccine).

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 19th 2021

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