The Early Warning Signs Of Cancer - What To Look Out For

by Dr Vernon Coleman and Donna Antoinette Coleman

Many cancers are curable - especially if caught early. Here are some of the cancer signs you should watch out for:

1. Cancer of the large bowel: change in bowel habits (diarrhoea or constipation or a feeling that the bowel hasn't emptied properly) which has persisted for more than a few days, unexplained weight loss, pain in the lower abdomen or rectum, blood in the stools, changes in the shape of the stools, fatigue.

2. Cancer of the cervix: unexplained bleeding or discharge between periods, pain or bleeding after sex, weight loss.

3. Cancer of the breast: swelling or lump in breast, bloody discharge from the nipple, a nipple which has suddenly become inverted, enlarged glands in armpit, dimpling of the skin of the breast.

4. Cancer of the lung: persistent bad cough; blood in sputum, chest pain, wheezing, shortness of breath, weight loss.

5. Cancer of the stomach: weight loss, persistent indigestion, vomiting blood, lump in abdomen, feeling full after very small meals.

6. Cancer of the liver: pain in abdomen, loss of appetite, weight loss, whites of eyes have turned yellow, yellow skin, abdomen swollen.

7. Cancer of the ovary: irregular periods, discomfort in abdomen, pain during sex, hard lump in abdomen, bowel problems, excessive hair growth, voice gets deeper.

8. Cancer of the brain: headaches, vomiting, visual disturbances, weakness or paralysis, dizziness, double vision, fits, memory loss, personality changes.

9. Cancer of the skin: skin lesion that, bleeds, gets larger, changes shape, size or colour and/or doesn't heal.

10. Cancer of the prostate: pain on passing urine, urine retention, difficulty in passing urine and a need to pass urine more frequently, especially at night.

11. Cancer of the testicle: a firm lump in the scrotum or an enlarged testis.

12. Cancer of the blood (leukaemia): tiredness, paleness, bruising, shortness of breath, weakness, bleeding easily, lots of infections.

13. Cancer of the womb: abnormal bleeding, lump felt in abdomen.

14. Cancer of the throat: hoarseness, lump in throat, difficulty in swallowing, swollen glands in neck.

A patient with cancer may suffer from one, all or none of these symptoms. These symptom lists are not comprehensive. Patients may suffer from one or more of these symptoms without suffering from cancer. If you are at all worried see your doctor as soon as possible for advice.

Copyright Vernon Coleman and Donna Antoinette Coleman 2005

Taken from Health Secrets Doctors Share With Their Families by Vernon Coleman & Donna Antoinette Coleman, published by the European Medical Journal at 12.99 and available from the bookshop on this website and from all good bookshops everywhere.