When Free Speech ended

Dr Vernon Coleman

The following essay is taken from Vernon Coleman’s new book `Truth Teller: The Price’.

Many people believed that it was a victory when historian David Irving was sent to prison for questioning the extent of the holocaust. But, ironically, it was a victory for fascism and oppression and it was the beginning of a journey down a very slippery slope. Irving’s crime was to share an opinion and to tell the truth as he saw it and this was undoubtedly offensive to many who believed that he was wrong but the principle of free speech, long championed, was ignored in an attempt to silence uncomfortable opinions and to appease those who were offended.

Today, whistle blowing is a dangerous and destructive business.

Mainstream journalists always complain loudly whenever their colleagues are arrested or subjected to any form of censorship but writers trying to share truths about global warming and covid have been systematically oppressed and censored without any protest from journalists’ groups.

Editors and journalists are making a big fuss over what are called Slapps (Strategic lawsuits against public participation). These are libel or privacy cases brought by wealthy people or companies to harass, intimidate and ultimately silence journalists and publishers. But at least these cases are out in the open.

The sad fact is that during the last three years (or, in my case, many more years) mainstream journalists have helped to suppress the truth and to cancel all scientific debate. The BBC has actually boasted that it does not give airtime to anyone who questions vaccination – ‘whether they are right or wrong’. And this, it seems, is now acceptable. An author who writes a book on a controversial subject is likely to find it blasted everywhere with anonymous one star reviews before a copy has been sold. It is not uncommon for the authors of those one star reviews to boast that they haven’t bought, looked at or read the book in question.

Moreover, whereas the police have often appeared to protect or assist global warming and Black Lives Matter protestors, protests about the fake pandemic and the global warming hoax have been heavily policed.

Taken from Vernon Coleman’s latest and final book on covid and the Great Reset - `Truth Teller: The Price’.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2023