When Kids Are Hypocrites

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Schoolchildren in Britain are campaigning for a greener world and an end to everything which harms the planet.

Fair enough Ė itís nice to see kids pretending to care about something other than themselves. (Though to be honest I strongly suspect that most of the kids holding up the traffic were merely keen to grab a day off school. Their teachers definitely didnít mind another dayís holiday.)

Campaigning for a greener world sounds wonderful but sadly most of the things the kids were saying were absolute rubbish and based on pseudoscience. (Many of them still believe in the video by Al Gore which has been shown to have been as wonderful a piece of fiction as youíd expect from a professional politician yearning for more fame and money.)

However, in order to being labelled hypocrites, all those children who have demonstrated in favour of their favourite green policies must:

Give up travelling anywhere by car (all cars use a lot of energy)
Stop eating meat (meat farming damages the planet and results in food shortages)
Give up travelling anywhere by aeroplane (planes use a great deal of energy)
Stop using computers (computers use loads of energy)
Abandon all computer games (computers use loads of energy)
Stop wearing anything made of cotton (cotton requires a lot of water)
Stop using mobile telephones (mobile phones use a lot of energy)
Buy very few clothes (making and distributing clothes is a strain on the planetís resources)

Thatíll do for starters.

Kids who donít give up all these things but who call themselves Ďgreení, and who claim to care about the planetís problems (which they describe in such detail and such a total lack of interest in the facts), are terrible little hypocrites who should be sent to bed without any supper.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019