The Whingeing Minority

by Vernon Coleman

The hysteria among the young and witless over Britain’s plan to leave the EU has nothing whatsoever to do with the value (or otherwise) of our membership of the EU and everything to do with a sense of entitlement and rage at the fact that they have lost a Referendum they didn’t understand in the first place.

Most of those who are now complaining are members of the ‘entitled’ generation; young people who are poorly educated, unwilling to do any research before they open their mouths and pick up their banners and who expect always to have their own way.

The ‘entitlement’ generation think that everything must be about them and their requirements even if there is no logical explanation for their demands.

I suspect that the whingeing and noisy minority who are currently campaigning so loudly for Britain to ignore the wishes of the majority and to stay in the EU are members of the same noisy group who put Corbyn in charge of the Labour Party. They stamp their feet when they don’t get what they want and they regard themselves as the only people who matter. The tragedy is that I doubt if many of them have ever seen a tax bill or have ever read a book which didn’t have a picture on every page. Those who are in love with the EU seem to have mistaken orders and blind obedience for safety and security.

All things considered, it is hardly surprising that Nigel Farage has resigned as leader of UKIP. Farage is England’s greatest political leader since Churchill, and he has taken an unceasing barrage of abuse from small-minded cretins who either support fascism out of choice or out of ignorance. (Make no bones about it: anyone who supports the EU is, ipso facto, a full-blooded fascist – a true disciple of Mussolini.)

Last weekend’s demonstration in London actually included a segment in which one participant produced a map as evidence that we must remain ‘members of Europe’. To a certain extent, of course, this sort of nonsense must be blamed on the BBC which, throughout the Referendum campaign, insisted on referring to our not ‘leaving the EU’ but ‘leaving Europe’. But it is frightening to think that people with votes seem unable to differentiate between a geographical entity and a political creation.

How many of the under 30s realise that the EU and the euro were planned by the Nazis during the dying stages of World War II to ensure that when Germany lost the War it would win the peace? The diehard fascists who now control the EU must have drooled with delight when they saw hundreds of British citizens marching to remain slaves of Germany.

How many demonstrators in favour of the EU realise that that the EU is the anti-democracy and that those who support it are handing over all their power to a bunch of unelected crooks in Brussels? (Remember that the auditors have never accepted the EU’s accounts.) There has never in history been an organisation more dedicated to the annihilation of freedom and the crushing of human rights.

The loss of the EU referendum has brought a host of angry beasties out of the woodwork. So, for example, some are now moaning that the campaign to leave the EU has resulted in an increase in racial hatred in the UK. This is knee jerk, headline grabbing nonsense. The reality is exactly the opposite of this and if these whingers had done a little research they would, perhaps, realise that the problems which exist have all been caused not by those trying to leave the EU but by the EU itself – and, inevitably therefore, by those supporting the EU.

In my book, The OFPIS File (OFPIS stands for The Organisation for the Preservation of Individuality and Sovereignty), which was published in 2008, I forecast that the EU’s immigration policy, and the Labour Government’s lies about the EU’s intentions and machinations, would lead to huge problems. (Chapter 16 is entitled: The EU’s Policy on Immigration – a Ticking Time Bomb.) The chapter which followed is entitled: The EU Will Encourage a Swing to the Right.

Before that, in 2002, in my book England Our England, I pointed out that the EU’s policies would, inevitably, lead to a dramatic increase in nationalism and patriotism as the citizens of individual countries realised that they were being forced, against their will, to become disenfranchised citizens of a United States of Europe.

And so it has come to pass.

The problems which Europe faces today are the result of the fact that British politicians turned a blind eye to the problems the EU was creating. The lies which are being told now by those who wish to avoid the results of a fair and legal Referendum are merely compounding the problems created by the EU and its enthusiasts.

I suppose it is not surprising that EU supporters now oppose the will of the people. The EU has never been about democracy.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 4th 2016