Whingeing, Treacherous MPs

Vernon Coleman

What a delight it is to see many remainer MPs quitting politics because of the abuse they claim to have received. They are quitting with a good deal of whining and moaning.

But the abuse (if it occurred) was largely well deserved.

Surprisingly, we are being told that we must feel pity for the MPs who claim they were forced out by voters who dared let them know how they felt.

What nonsense.

All MPs who fought against Brexit, and the will of the people, are a disgrace to parliament and an insult to democracy. Good riddance to them all. (Most of them are leaving parliament because they know their remainer policies mean that they will not be re-elected.)

Life in Britain will be better without them.

And life will be better if all those Liberal Democrats who believe they know better than the people are also dismissed from public life.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for Hitler and fascism.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2019

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