Joe Bidenís White House Wants to Ban my Book

Dr Vernon Coleman

The mainstream media has banned me. YouTube banned me and deleted all the videos which I made or which refer to me. My videos on BrandNewTube were hacked and removed. I am banned from all social media. (Facebook told me I was a danger to their community.) My books are banned by mainstream publishers and some online publishers. No one interviews me because anyone who does is likely to lose their platform and their sponsorship.

There is no freedom of speech. As far as Iím concerned I might as well be living in China. (Actually, thatís not strictly true. My publishers in China were ordered to stop selling all my books after I wrote a column on vaccination for a big selling Chinese newspaper.)

And now Joe Bidenís White House wants Amazon to ban my book on vaccines.

Entitled `Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lyingí my book on vaccines and vaccination was first published before the covid fraud and is packed with facts about common vaccines. No one has ever disputed any of the facts in the book. Since the book was published on Amazon it has frequently been the worldís No 1 bestselling book on vaccines. And it has sold tens of thousands of copies. (I keep the prices as low as possible and make just pennies.)

In the distant days before the media decided to censor doctors telling the truth, I frequently debated the value of vaccines and vaccination with pro-vaxx supporters. I never lost a debate. The pro-vaxxers dealt with this embarrassment by refusing to debate with me.

And now it appears that a White House official has written to Amazon asking them to `reduce the visibilityí of my book. (There is now also evidence that White House officials put pressure on social media sites and YouTube. That explains why Iím banned everywhere.)

And what precisely does the White House know about my book? Iím prepared to bet they havenít read it.

And what does the White House know about vaccines and vaccinations?

Iíll happily debate the content of my book with Joe Biden or anyone from the White House.

But thatís not the way things work these days.

The establishment doesnít debate, discus or look at information.

The establishment just bans anything it disapproves of or finds frightening.

This doesnít just affect me. It affects everyone.

Books which contain massive errors or libels can easily be banned.

But my books are being banned and suppressed, and Iím being blocked and lied about, because they contain the truth. The authorities are terrified of the truths I share.

The book the White House wants suppressed is called `Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying. Hereís the proof.í You can purchase a copy via the shop on

And my book about my experiences since 2020 are detailed in my book `Truth Teller: The Priceí which you can also buy via the shop on my website.

If you have difficulty finding my books please use the links in the bookshop on my website.

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