White Males are Now Targets

Vernon Coleman

I was walking, peacefully through a West Country town, minding my own business and doing a little gentle window shopping. I was dressed conservatively in an Orvis jacket, a blue shirt, a fairly quiet tie, chinos and a hat. The only expensive item was the hat.

Suddenly, the quiet of the afternoon was shattered by two men screaming abuse at me from a BMW motor car. They had stopped in the road and were mimicking what they appeared to think was an upper class accent. They were both around 30-years-old. They appeared sober.

The shouting wasn’t in fun. They were both aggressive and the abuse was somewhere between alarming and frightening.

I wasn’t wearing a bowler hat or an MCC tie. But these yobs were clearly offended that an elderly, white, male should be allowed to stroll about on a sunny day.

And this, I fear, is going to happen more and more.

On the same day I read that a model railway exhibition, organised by a group of elderly, white men, had been trashed.

And you can scarcely pick up a local paper without reading about elderly, white males being assaulted in the street. They are the target of choice for millennial hoodlums.

I am not surprised. The media has vilified elderly, white males in a way that would be considered unacceptably racist and sexist if the targets had been any other age, race or sex.

The only people you can be rude to without it counting as a `hate crime’ are heterosexual, white males of a certain age.

Why is it happening?


The Remainers have spent the last year vilifying elderly, white males because they are considered to blame for Brexit. Violent Remainer thugs are attacking Brexit politicians with apparent impunity.

And the odd thing is that the ring leaders of the abuse just happen to be mostly elderly, white males who, like all Remainers, have made no effort to understand Brexit and who are driven by their bigotry, their prejudices, their egregious ignorance and their inherent anti-English racism.

Think about it – you’ll know exactly who I mean.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 22 2019