Why Adolf Hitler, Ted Heath et al Are Celebrating – thanks to Gina Miller and Dier Dos Santos

Vernon Coleman

Britons voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU.

But our leaving is now being threatened by a legal action brought by two foreign born immigrants.

Gina Miller, who is married to a bloke called ‘Mr Hedge Fund’ (who made a reputed £30 million in the City), was born in British Guyana. The other person who brought the action is a hairdresser called Dier Dos Santos who was born in Brazil.

So, the wishes of 17 million Britons are now under threat because of a woman from Guyana and a bloke from Brazil.

And the fascists who run the European Union must be thrilled.

Adolf Hitler, Walther Funk, Herman Goering, Benito Mussolini, Reinhard Heydrich and Edward Heath must be having a party down there in Hell.

Their dream of German domination is almost certainly still alive.

One bunch of judges has already decided in favour of Miller and Dos Santos.

And the Supreme Court gives every impression of being an inept bunch of bumbling EU loving buffoons.

So I rather suspect that when they get round to producing their verdict, it will sustain the views of the two rather than the views of the 17 million.

Britain has become addicted to making decisions based on the wishes of the minority but really, this is absurd.

The tragedy is that all this chaos is destroying Britain’s economic future.

Those who love the EU and hate Britain will doubtless claim that the economic chaos these court proceedings will inevitably produce are a result of Brexit.

But they’ll be wrong.

The mess will be a result of the inability of the few to accept the truth, the facts and the view of the majority.

The anti-Brexit campaigners have already cost Britain an estimated £65 billion.

The figure mounts with every day the Remainers continue to refuse to accept reality.

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