Why Are We So Nice To The Germans?

Vernon Coleman

When I was working on the book A Shocking History of the EU I was horrified to re-read about the atrocities performed by Germans during World War II.

The Germans, a ruthless, humourless people, did things that no civilised people could or should possibly do to fellow human beings. Concentration camps, gas chambers and firing squads were the German way.

And at the end of the War, instead of showing contrition, the Germans responded not by begging for forgiveness but by wriggling out of their responsibilities. Instead of paying out money for the damage they had done, they demanded that they be given money to pay for their country to be rebuilt. We were absurdly generous to them. We won the War but, unbelievably, rationing ended in Germany before it ended in Britain.

On top of that, evil but powerful Germans ensured that former Nazis be put in powerful positions after the War. There were Nazis right at the head of Germany in the immediate post War years.

Moreover, the ex-Nazis schemed and planned to ensure that Hitler’s dream (the European Union) was created in the Post-War years – and that Germany was in charge.

Why have we forgiven and forgotten so much?

Why do we now allow Germany to rule Europe – and rule our lives? Maybe it is because the EU loving millennials have no idea what the Germans did during the Second World War.

We should remind them.

Please ask your friends to read A Shocking History of the EU.

We should never forget what the Germans did in the Second World War.

The German- controlled EU hates Britain and is determined to destroy us.

Everyone who supports the EU is a traitor – betraying the memory of those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019