Why Britain's Laws Are Being Changed To Allow 24-Hour Drinking

Vernon Coleman

England's drinking laws are being revised to fit in with drinking laws throughout Europe.

The changes are producing huge problems and there is much opposition to the introduction of 24 hour drinking (even the Labour Government doesn't seem keen on its own new laws) but the changes will continue so that there is continuity among EU regions.

The problems are developing because England's drinking hours have been restricted for years. Because of the restrictions, many drinkers have got into the habit of binge drinking - trying to drink as much alcohol as they can before the pub or club closes.

Newspapers and magazines have made heroes and heroines out of heavy drinkers.

In France and other European countries, where cafes have been able to serve alcohol around the clock for many years, there is no culture of binge drinking.

Attempting to impose French regulations on English drinking will prove (literally) fatal.

Given the opportunity to drink alcohol for 24 hours a day, English drinkers will simply binge all day and night.

This is yet another example of the EU failing to understand the importance of national differences and the impracticality and danger of imposing standard regulations on non-standard cultures.

5th September 2005

Taken from The Truth They Won't Tell You (And Don't Want You To Know) About The EU', by Vernon Coleman, published by Blue Books at 9.99, November 2005

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2005