Why Does Britain Hate Old People?

Vernon Coleman

There is a powerful movement in Britain which is clearly designed to oppress, outlaw and punish everyone over the age of 65 years.

Just look at the evidence.

It has been suggested that the elderly should not be allowed to vote.

There is constant talk about the virtues of euthanasia.

The BBC wants to stop giving free TV licences to the over 75s.

Local authorities everywhere are spending less and less on the elderly.

Medical care is being cut for the over 65s while expenditure on other services (such as infertility and transsexual provisions) continues to soar.

There are calls to stop people driving past the age of 60.

Politicians want OAPs to pay National Insurance on any meagre earnings they have.

There are plans to cut the old age pension (even though it is the lowest in the world).

So, what the devil is going on?


First, our population is getting older. And millennials are worried that this will mean that they may have to carry a burden of providing care for the parents and grandparents. Not for nothing are millennials known as `the selfish generation’ .

Second, it is widely believed by `those in power’ that Britain voted to leave the EU because of the grey vote. It is recognised that OAPs are more patriotic and better informed than any other group. They are unlikely to have been indoctrinated by EU propagandists at school or university.

And so the elderly must be punished.

And there will soon be talk of compulsory euthanasia for everyone on their 70th birthday.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

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