Electric Cars – Another Reason Why They Are a Threat

Vernon Coleman

Regular readers will know that I believe electric cars are the work of the devil. They require huge amounts of material and energy to build. And they require huge amounts of electricity (which will still be largely produced from fossil fuels by 2050) in order to operate.

Electric cars are inefficient, they are more polluting than traditional vehicles (if you count their manufacture – which you must), and their use will spark a massive shortage of electricity for cooking and heating.

People who use electric cars are selfish cheapskates who are damaging the environment – and their fellow citizens – so that they can save money and appear self-righteous.

Here’s another problem no one talks about.

In a few years’ time, we will have to deal with all the dead batteries taken from the electric cars on our roads.

The cars sold in 2017 will produce 250,000 metric tons of battery pack waste.

Still, I expect the Greens have got a plan to send it all to China to be buried.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2019