Why Welsh And Scottish Nationalists Should Fight To Save England

Millions of Welsh and Scottish nationalists believe that now that they have their own Parliaments they are well on the way to independence.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Welsh and the Scottish have never had it so good.

And soon they will realise just how much they should have loved England.

In Scotland, students get free university education (paid for by English taxpayers). In England, taxpayers have to pay their own university fees. In Scotland the elderly get free nursing home care (paid for by English taxpayers). In England, the elderly have to pay their own nursing home fees. In Wales a prescription costs 5 (and is free if you are under 25). The Welsh Parliament is talking of doing away with the prescription charge completely. Who pays for all this? English taxpayers help a great deal. In England, of course, taxpayers over 16 have to pay 6.70 for a prescription. English taxpayers have for years subsidised Wales and Scotland. The chances are that without the help of English taxpayers, the Welsh nationalists would not be able to insist that all official documents and roadsigns be produced in Welsh as well as English.

Welsh and Scottish Nationalists believe that even if their newfound semi-independence is limited to being regions within the ever enlarging EU they will be better off in the future than they were when they were joined with England as part of the United Kingdom.


Badly wrong.

As more and more poorer countries (Poland, Rumania, Turkey etc) join the EU so the amount of money available to Wales and Scotland will diminish. I suspect that before long both Wales and Scotland will be net contributors to the EU. The Welsh and the Scottish will end up sending money to Turkey - in just the same way as, in the past, the English have sent money to Wales and Scotland. They will then long for the days when they received (as they do now) massive subsidies from English taxpayers.

Wales and Scotland will grow to rue the day when the UK was broken up. They will eventually realise that giving them their independence was merely a trick to break up the UK into tiny EU regions.

If Welsh and Scottish nationalists have any sense at all they will fight now to destroy the EU and to keep England alive and healthy.

The EU plans to get rid of England completely - and to replace it with nine regions. None of those nine regions will be able (or willing) to continue making massive charitable contributions to Wales and Scotland.

The bottom line is that without England, Wales and Scotland are stuffed.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman 2004