Why Women with Breast Cancer Should Avoid Dairy Produce

Dr Vernon Coleman

For nearly two decades now it has been believed that at least one substance found in dairy produce can be regarded as a Category 1 carcinogen.

I have long argued that a vegetarian diet helps to protect against cancer, and that cancer patients who follow a vegetarian diet have a much greater chance of surviving. The evidence for this just keeps on accumulating.

For example, a report in the journal Annals of Oncology showed that growth hormones could play a role in the development of breast cancer.

We know that cows’ milk contains growth hormones.

And we know that some farmers give their cows extra growth hormones to boost milk production.

There is strong evidence showing that women who eat a lot of dairy produce are more likely to get breast cancer and that women who have breast cancer are more likely to have their cancer come back if they eat dairy produce.

So the Annals of Oncology report is absolutely massive news for all women and, in particular, for all women with breast cancer.

This information should have been given front page headline news.

But it wasn’t.

The mainstream media want to see millions die. They aren’t interested in saving lives.

It is a sad reflection on the way health news is reported that a laboratory researcher promoting a long shot discovery in the hope of acquiring another grant will receive massive publicity (even though his discovery will not affect patients for a decade or more – if ever) while a genuinely important health story is damned near forgotten.

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