The Wildlife Trust - Nasty and Encouraging Psychopaths?

Vernon Coleman

The bastards at the Wildlife Trust are still killing squirrels. And they are, presumably, still recruiting murderers to hit squirrels on the head with rocks.

In this foul endeavour, they are supported by the Heritage Lottery and EU Life Funding. (Wouldnít you guess that if there is something evil going on, then the EU would be giving it money?)

If you havenít already read it, please read my article on the Wildlife Trust. Itís on this website, under the heading Animal Issues, and it is called, Is the Wildlife Trust breeding murderers, rapists, wife beaters and child abusers?

The Wildlife Trust seems to believe that by killing the grey squirrels there will be more red squirrels.

Maybe they hope that the red squirrels, being more photogenic, will attract more punters with their cameras.

To me that seems racist.

Itís no different to wanting to kill off the white people so that there will be more black people.

Or vice versa.

Donít ever give money to the Wildlife Trust.

And tell everyone you know to boycott the bastards.

As an animal lover and an animal rights campaigner, I hope they go bankrupt.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

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