Will Gavin sue Theresa?

Vernon Coleman

If Gavin Williamson, the sacked and disgraced minister, really is innocent why doesn’t he sue Theresa May for libel?

The Prime Minister’s sharp letter of dismissal was not issued in Parliament. It was issued in public. So I assume that Parliamentary Privilege doesn’t protect her.

A libel action would expose a good deal. And help entertain us all through the summer. The world is rather short of fun these days. Ice cream vans are being banned. Most jokes are illegal. Cars are boring. Government policy is apparently being dictated by a Swedish teenager.

I must say I rather think that Mrs May has ‘Macron Syndrome’. She has become a megalomaniac and appears to think that the UK has been renamed Mayland.

Mrs May is alleged to have overruled the Cabinet on leaving the EU with no deal. And she is said to have overruled the spooks over that Chinese telecom company.

All a bit scary.

I have a suspicion that Mrs May is clinging onto power in the hope that she can satisfy her EU masters and still emerge with enough of a legacy to enable her to sell her autobiography for big bucks.

How long is she going to be allowed to continue destroying democracy, freedom and the country?

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

Proof is now available that the EU was created by Nazis. Moreover there are strong links between the EU and Auschwitz. It’s not surprising that the anti-Semitic Labour Party wants us to stay in the EU. For the facts behind the EU please read A Shocking History of the EU by Zina Cohen. And tell everyone you know to read it too. You will be astonished and horrified.