We Will Win this War

Dr Vernon Coleman

Iím putting together a book of the transcripts of all my videos for brandnewtube.com. As I was working my way through the transcripts, I came across this one from September 16th. I thought it was worth publishing part of it here on my website.

`I still believe we will win this war but you and I are going to have to fight hard. Videos, radio shows and demonstrations are a splendid beginning but thatís all they are Ė a beginning. All are magnificent but they arenít going to stop the United Nations, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from stealing your life and your soul.

When I use the word `warí itís no exaggeration: it is exactly what I mean.

Our governments want to destroy us mentally. Their aim is to make us so weakened and so frightened that we will do everything they want. Everything that has happened was meant to happen.

No one with more than a quarter of a brain could possibly believe that the so-called covid crisis is a real crisis. The damned virus now kills fewer people than just about any major illness you can think of. The number of people being killed by the lockdowns, the masks, the social distancing and all the rest of the garbage is far, far greater than the number being killed by a bug which was never any more of a threat than a flu bug.

This isnít a crisis Ė itís a crime. And most people are sleep walking to their own destruction. And to our destruction too.

The corruption involved in this scam is unbelievable. The evidence is all in plain sight. I am preparing two books at the moment. One is a collection of all the transcripts of all the videos I have made between the end of April and the beginning of September. The second book is an analysis of the history of Agenda 21 Ė a word by word assessment of how the United Nations and a group of billionaires have schemed to take over the world. Copies of all my notes are stored in safe places. If anything happens to me these books will still appear. When they are ready, I promise to sell both books as cheaply as I can. Iíll put a note on my website when theyíre ready.

It all sounds crazy doesnít it?

A take over of the world.

Total control of our bodies, our minds and our souls.

But that is precisely what they have planned.

And it is precisely what they are doing. It seems unbelievable but it is true. And Iíll show precisely how it was carefully planned, how it has been managed and where it is going Ė unless we stop it.

The IMF and World Bank are reported to be bailing out failing airlines with billions of dollars of our money. In exchange they are said to be forcing airline bosses to force all passengers Ė including small children Ė to wear masks. Remember those terrible pictures youíve seen of tiny tots being forced to wear masks? Well, maybe we now know who was behind it and why pilots and crew behaved so appallingly.

Itís the banks which want us all faceless.

It was allegedly Goldman Sachs which told the World Health Organisation, Bill Gatesí pet organisation, to force the worldís populations to wear masks.

How many people will die as a result of these policies? I have no idea and nor has anyone else.

I wonder how many other countries have been bribed in this way? The aim is clearly to crash every economy in the world. And that, of course, is part of Agenda 21.

Nothing that has happened to the world in the last six months has been an accident. Everything has been planned. Schools were deliberately closed so that childrenís education would be wrecked. Hospitals were shut so that people would die. Patients in care homes and nursing homes were killed by being deprived of medical and nursing care. Thousands died because they were denied food and water. Churches were closed to deprive people of spiritual comfort.

All this happened all around the world.

They want your body, they want your mind, they want your soul. And they want a good many of us dead. Iím afraid that until you understand that you donít understand anything at all.

I am terrified by the number of people who still donít realise precisely what is happening. Everything that is happening was planned decades ago Ė and is only now coming to fruition. Every strange planning decision was planned. The rows about gay marriage, trans-sexualism and black lives matter campaigns were all designed to erase our history, to cause chaos and confusion and to spread dissent. Even the introduction of bicycle lanes, bizarre street furniture and smart motorways were all part of the United Nations plan created decades ago. They want to get rid of the motor car because they want us all living in smart cities. Regionalisation, as promoted by the European Union, is a step towards globalisation. The European Union itself became part of Agenda 21 some years ago. Jargon phrases such as `new normalí were invented over a decade ago. I could show you them in print.

The plan all along has been to get rid of all nationalities.

Those patriots who wave their Scottish, Irish, English, American flags can say goodbye to those flags. There will soon be no nations.

The leaders of Agenda 21 want us all living in small apartments. Have you ever wondered why local planning officers want to get rid of well-made old houses and replace them with poorly built, cramped apartments in tower blocks? Itís all part of the Agenda 21 plan. Have you ever wondered why the EU pays big landowners to do nothing with their land Ė to grow nothing, to grow no food? Well, itís all part of the plan to force us to eat factory made food. Bill Gates hasnít just invested in vaccines. He doesnít just control the WHO. He has for a long time been dictating global food policy and has money invested in a company which makes fake meat.

The deaths caused by the lockdowns and the closure of hospitals were all part of the plan. The worldís billionaires decided some decades ago that the world was overpopulated. They want to kill a few billion of us. The closure of farms is part of the plan too. They need many of us to starve to death. I suspect most of those who die of starvation will be in Africa.

Believing all this isnít a conspiracy.

We arenít conspirators; the conspirators are the people behind all this. They call us conspiracy theorists but they are conspiracy practitioners.

It was no accident that elections were cancelled. It is no accident that some politicians are being demonised while others are lauded by the media.

It is no accident that the media has betrayed us en masse globally.

The crime has been built upon the false threat of global warming. That was always part of the plan.

The only conspiracy is the one leading towards a World Government and a World Church.

In 1991, the Club of Rome published a book entitled The First Global Revolution in which it admitted to inventing climate change as a common enemy of mankind in order to unite the world.

When I first mentioned that in a video I put on YouTube, the video was taken down very quickly.

When I first mentioned the plan to unite all the worldís churches into one religion (Chrislam) backed, of course by war criminal Tony Blair, that video was taken down by YouTube.

This is the most evil, most carefully planned, most deadly conspiracy in human history. A senior official at the United Nations has talked of a Luciferian initiation. The plan is wicked beyond belief. It is truly sickening.

The people in charge regard us as disposable rubbish. Our governments have been bought. They have no respect for us. Common purpose drones do the dirty work and the billionaires build their wealth.

In her brilliant and astonishing book Behind the Green Mask, published in 2011, Rosa Koire, described how many of the things which have been damaging our way of life in Europe were already beginning to destroy American life.

Energy saving programmes and the abandonment of fossil fuels were introduced to force us into smart cities. Remaking roads to suit bicycles was a plan to stop us using motor cars Ė and thereby force us into living in their smart cities. Do you ever wonder about smart motorways Ė which create traffic jams and accidents? All that crazy road furniture? Ever reducing speed limits? Higher and higher taxes on motor cars? All designed to stop us using cars and force us into tiny flats and ticky tacky box houses. Everything to be conveniently blamed on climate change.

Itís all part of the plan.

We are being told we have to cut carbon emissions to levels measured decades ago. But carbon emissions werenít measured in those distant days.

The plans to replace local police forces with sneaks and snitches were put in place many years ago. The aim was to create mistrust. Property inspections for houses and energy assessments were all devised to force us out of old-fashioned, well-built houses into badly built, but profitable, new tenement buildings.

All those licences and certificates we need? They were planned years ago to disrupt and force us into living in fear. They were designed to be expensive and disruptive. If you donít have the right licence then you canít work. And then when you have one licence they want another. And another.

Immigration policies were devised as a deliberate, well thought out plot designed to disrupt society, break down nations, increase fear and create racism.

Nothing is accidental.

Do you remember reading that they were releasing wild animals such as wolves into the countryside? That was all planned years ago. Itís another part of forcing us to live in cities and away from the countryside.

Do you enjoy playing sports such as football or golf? Forget it. The land used for such activities will be allowed to go back to wild land. Our food will be grown in laboratories. Just check it out. Everything Iím telling you can be found online if you look hard enough.

Do you think itís an accident that veganism has suddenly become popular? It isnít. They donít want us eating animals. It takes up too much time. Itís a slow, messy process. They want us eating the food they are making in laboratories. Some of it will, of course look and taste like meat.

Towns are growing to look the same, like hotel chains. Strong, old buildings, good to look at and full of character, are demolished to save the environment from their presence and us from the memories they harbour. They are replaced with buildings as ugly and as durable as cardboard boxes.

Privacy is going, shortly to be gone. Who wants privacy? What terrible secrets have you got to hide? Webcams, CCTV and social media have banished privacy. We are tracked, traced and tested. We zoom in and out of each otherís homes because we are told it is better that way.

Better for whom?

Better for the spies. When we chat through the internet they can spy on us all the time. Another piece of our privacy gone. Only those with evil secrets need privacy, they say. So now they know everything about you and your life is not yours any more.

Traditions are reviled because our history must be forgotten. Everything we may have thought of as great is apparently an embarrassment. Our ancestors, they say, were all racists or worse.

And so we bury ourselves in shame and obediently forget the people who came before. Our history will begin tomorrow and they will tell us what to believe and what to think.

It has all been planned for decades.

Look back at the United Nations plans Ė published decades ago Ė and in your shock you will recognise life as we have grown to know it, predicted in those now almost ancient documents.

For weeks now Iíve been studying papers and books published by the United Nations and the Global Economic Forum, and I still find it difficult to believe what Iím reading. We are living in evil times. Everything was planned.

Today, most people have absolutely no idea what is going on. They dutifully pick out their pretty masks, something to match their outfit for the day, and they set off to work or to go shopping or for a stroll in the park, and they feel quietly confident that their selfless actions and their thoughtful government will save them from the plague threatening their lives.

These people are blind.

They are sleeping walking to their deaths. They have been brainwashed by carefully organised psychological operations. Your government has admitted it wants you terrified.

(Incidentally, the transcript of my old video explaining how people have been brainwashed is on my website. The video is probably still around.)

And we have to wake up the sleeping millions. It is our only chance.

Because they probably wonít die of covid-19 Ė which is no worse than the flu Ė but they will slowly lose what is left of their freedom and their humanity and then they will quietly walk into the deaths that have been prepared for them. Many will simply starve to death.

And they will drag us with them.

You and I have a huge responsibility.

The endgame has started. We must work fast. We are in the fight of our lives for they want to kill many of us and enslave the rest. I can hardly believe I am saying this but I know it to be true.

And this is no time to mince words. The zombies are the weak and easily led, they are the gullible and the simple-minded. They are the cowardly not the brave, the followers not the leaders.

Many of you probably know exactly what is going on.

But many remain shocked and there is still some disbelief and some hope that all will be well in a month or two.

But Iím afraid it wonít all be well again in a month or two.

It will never be well again until and unless we smash the `new normalí, deny the new world order and reject the global reset.

There isnít a single world leader we can trust.

We are on our own. We are the resistance movement. An army of the people for the people. And we have the greatest of responsibilities. We have to save humanity from the evil forces.

We can and will win this war but we all have to fight as we have never fought before.

Videos, radio shows and demonstrations are important, vital even, but they are just the beginning. They are a great way to spread information but alone they will change nothing. The danger is that we will end up forever preaching to the converted. We watch, listen and shout. But it isnít enough.

We have to spread the word. We have to show people what has happened. We have to help them understand the horror of what is being done to our world. We have to show them that nothing Ė nothing Ė that has happened is an accident. It has all been deliberate. The sleepwalkers must be encouraged to watch, listen and read the truth.

Remember this may be a game for them but it isnít a game for us. Our lives are the stake.

Fighting this evil has to be a job for us all. Iíve been spending 16 hours a day on this battle since March. Iím a writer but I havenít written a word for money for months. I left books half written. This is now my job and it needs to be your job too. You need to spend many hours a week fighting. You have to breathe resistance.

You need to share videos and persuade people listen to radio programmes. Please go to my website and download forms to hand out. Get a local printer to make 1000. Give leaflets to your neighbours. Talk to the masked and ignorant. There are enough of us to make a difference.

You will annoy some people. They donít want to know. Theyíll label you mad. You will be described as a conspiracy theorist, a right winger and far worse. Encouraged by the media they will try to demonise you and the truth. Because of the power held by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers they will falsely condemn you as anti-Semitic.

The truth I am afraid is that if you donít lose a few friends then you probably wonít be making a difference.

Explain to people just how their lives are going to be changed as this plan unfolds.

For example, Agenda 21 has no place at all for individual nations.

Remember the regional parliaments the EU wanted to force upon the UK years ago Ė through Tony Blairís government? Well those regions and boundaries still exist in secret. There are groups of men and women meeting in secret and running our lives. They are taking power away from local politicians. The regions are the first step towards globalisation. And regionalisation is happening globally.

And nations?

They will soon be gone.

For example, those fighting for Scottish independence should know that there will be no independence. In a very short time there will be no flags, no nations, no anthems. There will be one world, one flag, one anthem.

This isnít George Orwellís 1984.

This is real. He got it right but he was 36 years early.

Everything that has happened was meant to happen.í

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2021

The book I referred to (about Agenda 21) is now available on Amazon. The title is Endgame and the book deals with the history of Agenda 21 and the plans for the future. The book explains what is happening, why it is happening and what is going to happen next Ė unless we stop it.