My Secret Years with Elvis

Dr Vernon Coleman

Delighted to hear that there is a new film out about Elvis Presley!

A few years ago I wrote a novel about how Elvis had faked his own death and how I’d helped him to escape to Paris.

My wife Antoinette did an amazing amount of research and the book is absolutely accurate in every possible respect.

The book describes how Elvis, exhausted and aware that superstardom was killing him, quits show business and pretends to die. Colonel Tom Parker approves the scheme because he knows it will help sell more records.

The whole `escape’ is meticulously planned by a friend Elvis met in Paris when he was serving in the army.

The book was great fun to write and by the time I’d finished writing the story I was almost convinced it was all true. And that Elvis did find a wonderful new life in Paris.

Quite a few Elvis fans were (and probably still are) convinced it was all true.

`My Secret Years with Elvis’ by Vernon Coleman is available as a paperback and an eBook.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2022