Why We Would All Be Better Off Without the NHS

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The NHS has been moribund for years. If the billions of pounds spent on it were shared out, every UK citizen would be able to afford excellent private health care insurance.

Politicians are frightened to question the poor value provided by the NHS but UK citizens would be better off if it were closed.

Doubt me?

Look at the figures.

The NHS budget is £139.3 billion a year.

There are 67 million citizens in the UK.

So the NHS costs £2,074 per man, woman and child.

But you can buy health care insurance for £1,500 per year per person.

So, if we got rid of the NHS we could all afford private health care and have £574 left over to put in our pockets.

Do you still want to keep the NHS?

Why is this?

It’s because the NHS is a bloated, inefficient bureaucracy which wastes at least a third of the money it receives.

(Please send this article to your local MP and your local newspaper. Let’s share the truth about the NHS.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2019

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