What to do with the Greens

Dr Vernon Coleman

No one who can read believes in the manufactured myth of global warming, the conspirators’ dream of net zero or the false hope of vaccination.

The people who do believe in these arrant nonsenses call themselves `Green’, and like to pretend they are saving the planet we all share.

But the `Greens’, the witless illiterati, are the most arrogant and ignorant of all creatures and they are beyond saving from their own witless devotion to the deceits of the globalists.

We need to take all the `Greens’ (and, while we are at it, all those who proudly describe themselves as `Woke’) and put them on a deserted island somewhere (one of those used for testing nuclear weapons would be ideal).

We should give each of them a little windmill (one of those coloured plastic ones sold at seaside resorts would do fine), a solar panel and a bag of insects and tell them to get on with it.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can settle around our coal fires, eat mounds of treacle pudding with lashings of custard and celebrate their departure from our lives by singing hymns of praise.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023

For the searing truth about global warming please read `Greta’s Homework’ by Zina Cohen. You can find it on Amazon. Please give Zina’s book a lovely review to help counteract the torrent of abuse heaped upon her young shoulders by the illiterati.