Iím Worried About Nigel

Vernon Coleman

I am becoming a trifle worried about Nigel Farage.

Iíve been a huge fan of his for years. The nation owes him a debt and if the honours system was honest heíd be a Duke by now. Iíve only met him once (when I spoke at a UKIP conference in Telford) but weíve spoken on the telephone and I respect him enormously.

But I do have this worry.

If reports of his latest attack on Boris Johnson were accurate then Iím concerned.

Boris is not everyoneís cup of tea (heís certainly not mine and I know that Iím not his) but he is the best hope of a Tory Government pushing through a decent Brexit.

If Boris doesnít become Prime Minister then there is a real risk that we will never leave the EU.

So, why is Nigel putting the boot into Boris?

It couldnít be, could it, that Nigel realises that Boris Johnson is our best immediate hope of pushing Brexit through a Remainer parliament?

And it couldnít be, could it, that Nigel knows that if this were to happen then there would be no need for the Brexit Party Ė or Nigel Farage?

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019

If you want to know more about the EU I recommend: The Truth About the Fourth Reich by Daniel J Beddowes and Flavio Cipollini. It will blow your mind (and give you plenty of ammunition for debating with Remainers).