Israel: A Rogue Nation Practising the Worst Genocide the World has seen for 75 years.

Dr Vernon Coleman

It may be a cliché but this is one of those rare times when we will look back and ask ourselves what we did to help stop the wickedness.

My father (and his generation) went to war against Germany because he knew that what Germany was doing was just plain wrong.

My father was in a protected occupation but he resigned from his job and joined the Royal Navy so that he could fight in the War to protect the innocents.

Today, history has gone full circle and we must unite to fight Israel – which has become the most wicked country in the world: a rogue nation which must be stopped.

Western leaders such as Sunak and Biden have announced that they support Israel. This means that they are in favour of war crimes. And so they themselves are now war criminals. (By sending depleted uranium shells to Ukraine, Sunak was already a war criminal.)

Neither they nor the world’s mainstream media speak for me and I hope they don’t speak for you either.

I simply don’t understand those wicked hard hearted people (of whatever race or religion) who support Israel’s sickening war crimes.

The Israelis seem determined to kill over two million innocents in Gaza (many of them children). Indeed, some Israelis have stated that is their aim.

What the Israelis are doing is genocide. It’s ethnic cleansing. It’s an indefensible slaughter of the innocent.

I no longer believe anything said by Israel’s defenders or its supporters.

Their relentless propaganda has taken over from the truth.

I no longer have any personal doubt that the Israelis have deliberately targeted hospitals, churches, mosques and private homes.

By refusing to allow supplies of water, food, fuel to be taken into Gaza, the Israelis have turned Gaza into the world’s largest concentration camp: the biggest death camp in world history.

By approving of this cruelty, Sunak, Biden and other political leaders have, like the Israelis, parted company with the human race.

The world in which we struggle to live is now so lop sided in favour of evil that Governments have made it damned near illegal to criticise Israel.

Well bugger the Government. And bugger the law.

There is WRONG and there is RIGHT.

And we all have a duty to God, the world and ourselves to do what we know is right.

We must all do everything we can to draw attention to this evil. We must pressurise our politicians to behave humanely. We must insist that Israel is denied all support and isolated until that country stops this indefensible massacre.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2023