Worst Thing of All

Dr Vernon Coleman

The worst thing about the last few years has been the suppression of the truth and the absence of all proper debate.

The suppression of the truth isnít something new. It has been happening to me for decades (with books, TV programmes and articles banned and suppressed) but it has got far, far worse since March 2020.

One of the worst things has been the fact that because I have been denied access to all social media, I have not been allowed to defend myself against the lies and libels which have been spread around by trolls and employees of the various security services.

Anyone attempting to share the truth has been censored, suppressed, demonised and lied about. It has been shown, for example, that an unusually high number of IP addresses of those involved in editing Wikipedia came from Langley, Virginia where the CIA is established.

This suppression of the truth is far more damaging than AI or social media could ever become by themselves.

The sad thing is that we could have put a stop to the suppression and the absence of debate.

If just one thousand people had written to newspapers, TV and radio demanding a proper live debate about covid and the covid vaccine then the media would have responded.

The mainstream media receive far less real mail from real people than most folk understand. If newspaper and TV news editors had received 1,000 letters from real people (giving real names and real addresses) they would not have been able to continue to suppress the truth.

Letís make forcing the media to debate the fake pandemic and the toxic jab a joint New Yearís Resolution.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2023