The Wuhan Confusion

Dr Vernon Coleman

We are now being told that the virus which has destroyed the world in so many ways probably did originate in a laboratory in Wuhan, China after all.

But who is telling us this?

Well, curiously, it is US intelligence sources who have become `conspiracy theorists’.

And these, oddly enough, are the very people who are using every trick in the book (and quite a few tricks that never made the book) to suppress the truth and demonise truth-tellers.

I don’t believe in the Wuhan theory. I never did.

For nearly 15 months I have argued that the covid-19 bug is the annual flu remarketed and rebranded.

As I proved recently, the mortality figures with covid-19 are exactly the same as we would expect from an annual flu.

The Wuhan theory (that the virus originated in a lab in Wuhan) has been resurrected to ramp up the fear and to persuade the simple-minded (who believe these things) that covid-19 is a very dangerous disease which threatens to wipe out mankind.

It is, of course, Agenda 21 and the vaccine which threaten to wipe out mankind.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 4th June 2021

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