Is This Going To Be the Year of the Stupid?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

First, a posse of policemen in Derbyshire arrested two women for travelling five miles to have a walk by themselves away from other people. And then the cops decided that since the two women were each carrying cardboard containers with hot drinks they were also having a picnic. The fines were apparently dropped at about the same time that it was reported that Prime Minister ‘Doris’ Johnson had pedalled seven miles from home and had been defended by Dame Dick of the Metropolitan Police.

Second, customs officers confiscated a cheese sandwich brought into the UK by a lorry driver, claiming that Brexit rules made it illegal to import a cheese sandwich.

Third, police fined a couple £60 because they had travelled to a nearby care home to see the woman’s mother who has dementia. They had merely looked through the window. The fine was later rescinded but should clearly have never been issued in the first place.

I suspect that we’re going to see a lot of more of this sort of nonsense.

On the face of it, it all seems rather comical.

But actually it isn’t funny.

Give a smidgeon of authority to people who can’t think and common sense is crushed.

Everywhere we go half-witted and ignorant buffoons are spying and whingeing and sneering and pointing fingers.

Governments have given so much power to the police and to local authority jobsworths – and now even unfortunate supermarket staff – that it is difficult to remember what life was like when we lived in a free country.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 14th 2021

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