Itís Not Anti-semitism You Moronic, Evil Bastards

Dr Vernon Coleman

It warmed the cockles of a tired old heart to see the huge pro-Palestinian demonstrations around the world. So many politicians are so obsessed with protecting the state of Israel that they seem to have forgotten about the rights of individuals Ė particularly children and babies.

In London around 800,000 risked inevitable mainstream media abuse and marched to express their solidarity with the people of Gaza, and their dissatisfaction with the leaders of Israel, as brave doctors in Gaza report on the latest horrors in what has become the largest ever concentration camp, being destroyed by the most cold-bloodedly evil people in modern history. The doctors still working in Gaza all deserve the highest medals for bravery and professional integrity.

I realise that the arrogant Israeli leaders donít give a damn about any criticism of their actions in Gaza (though, by an amazing coincidence, I have noticed that my work is being blocked even more heavily than usual since I first wrote a piece criticising Israel). It has even been reported that some Jewish doctors have called for the bombing of hospitals. I pray this is not true but I fear that it probably is. Today, only the insane, immoral psychopaths support Israelís actions Ė a truly rogue state.

Itís standard pro-Israel policy now to define all critics of the genocide as anti-semitic. For the record, anyone who calls me anti-semitic, or a supporter of terrorism, is a liar. My concern is not with states but with people.

I repeat, the official policy appears to be that anyone who criticises Israel and draws attention to its war crimes must be a terrorist supporter, must be guilty of anti-Semitism and must be silenced. This seems to me to be indefensible propaganda.

The almost universal criticism, the outrage, the disgust felt around the world as babies are murdered has nothing to do with anti-Semitism but is an entirely human, humane response to the insane, godless actions of a small group of zealots who seem to have forgotten the meaning of words such as dignity and respect.

Netanyahu actually claims that he has God on his side. God could not possibly ever support the deliberate bombing of hospitals, churches and refugee camps or the deliberate and cowardly slaughter of innocent babies and children. To date, there have been at least 137 registered attacks on health care facilities. Oh, and the Israelis have reportedly bombed one cemetery. Naturally, Israel says that none of this is their fault. They prefer to play the aggrieved victim, but that doesnít work anymore.

Netanyahu is mistaken. He has the devil on his shoulder. This is ethnic cleansing.

Attempts to ban marches and demonstrations supporting Palestine and criticising Israel are merely yet another example of the widespread opposition to free speech which threatens us all.

As I have already made clear, I believe that what happened on October 7th was indefensible. Killing innocents and taking hostages was and is indefensible. But what happened over a month ago does not excuse the continuing mass murder of innocent babies and children.

(It has long been my experience that Zionists are far too quick to describe any criticism as anti-semitism, and I suspect that the constant whining wins few friends. Decades ago when I was writing the Agony column in The People newspaper, I criticised the killing of animals by slitting their throats. The Chief Rabbi at the time wrote to the editor complaining bitterly that my comment was anti-semitic. Wary of such a protest, I had made it absolutely clear that the comment was inspired solely by respect for animals and not by any anti-semitism. The editor, Iím pleased to say, sent the Rabbi a flea to put in his ear.)

My own view of what is happening in Gaza is that Netanyahu, the Israeli leader, must surely be one of the most evil men in history and that those who support his countryís actions are probably racists driven by a sick dream of ethnic cleansing.

Netanyahu is way, way beyond normal war criminal status. Not many war criminals bomb schools, hospitals, churches, mosques, homes and refugee camps. Not many have deliberately bombed the innocent inhabitants of the worldís biggest concentration camp. Nothing can excuse what is happening.

Netanyahu has not been reported to the ICC, of course, because the Americans wouldnít allow it and Israel is merely an American outpost.

Those evil bastards such as Biden and Sunak, who support Netanyahuís genocidal campaign and the mass slaughter of children, should also be reported to the ICC.

Israelís warmongering has nothing to do with protection and isnít even just about revenge. If anyone describes this mass murder of innocents as collateral damage I think I shall scream. It would not surprise me if I were to discover that Netanyahu had started this genocide to keep himself in power.

The people of Israel, and Jews all around the world, must stand up and make it clear that they do not approve of the mass killing of babies and small children and the total destruction of Gaza. Ousting Netanyahu is Israelís only hope of salvation.

This criminal occupation is, it seems to me, a deliberate attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government.

What is happening in Gaza is, I am convinced, a plan to eradicate all Palestinians. And killing the children is part of that deliberate ethnic cleansing.

It seems too that Israel has been quick to take advantage of the October 7th attack to further its own aims.

Could it have been a convenient, carefully plotted false flag operation designed to provide an excuse for the genocide we are now seeing? There have been too many false flag operations in recent years to dismiss this possibility.

In my view, all American and British politicians who currently support Israelís behaviour (which is apparently being supported by mercenaries fresh from working with Neo Nazis in Ukraine; mercenaries who are being paid over $4,000 a week) are also war criminals and although I oppose capital punishment I would make an exception in their cases. All those proven to be involved in this mass slaughter of babies and children deserve to be hung for their crimes.

The world is now split into two unequal parts. On one side are all the compassionate, humane people and on the other the Zionists who support whatever Israel does and who are supported by the cowardly few who are too frightened of being accused of being anti-Semitic to tell the truth.

The very few politicians who have condemned the genocide have been viciously attacked. Political life has come to its predictable end. The two most potent, human speeches Iíve seen in the last month were given by Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian member of the US Congress and Naledi Pandor, South Africaís International Relations Minister. The thuggish, ignorant members of the US Congress deserve to be horse whipped for censuring Representative Rashida Tlaib. She had difficulty holding back the tears when she spoke and I had difficulty holding them back when I listened to her. Those war mongering politicians who support Israel are on the wrong side of history and would have probably defended Attila the Hun if paid to do so. I can hardly bear to look at the news. I can hardly believe what is happening in Gaza. Itís genocide. Itís ethnic cleansing. Itís just wrong.

The astonishing thing is, of course, that unless Israel really thinks it can get away with murdering every Palestinian, they cannot possibly win the war. On the contrary, they are simply ensuring that there will be deaths galore for generations to come. Israel could well take us into World War III Ė a nuclear war.

The only big question is this: `Is Netanyahu clinically insane or is he being manipulated to destroy Israel?í Since I see no signs of insanity, the subsidiary question is: `Who is pulling the strings?í

There has for years been great debate about the `single stateí solution versus `the two state solutioní. I canít help suspecting that we might be heading towards a single state solution but not the one the Israeli Government expects.

What if the single state which survives is Palestine, and Israel is removed from the Middle East and put somewhere else?

Where? Well, thereís plenty of space in the Antarctic.

Is that the plan to remove Israel from the Middle East? Is that what the conspirators have in mind?

As always, the big remaining question is: `Cui bono?í Why is Israel being led to slaughtering babies and children in an orgy of destruction Ė damaging its reputation so completely that I cannot see how it can ever recover? I really cannot believe that the majority of Israelis support what their government is doing.

Away from the Middle East, if you want more general information about the people who are destroying our world please read my book `Their Terrifying Planí. The awful things which are happening in our world are not occurring by accident.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2023