Donít Trust Your Bank

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I tottered into my bank the other day.

The teller told me that before she could do anything she had to update my profile.

The first question was: `How much do you earn?í

And the next question was: `Where do you pay tax?í

You donít need to be a genius to see the pattern.

Our banks are now going to work hand-in-hand with the governmentís tax collectors.

Itís no great surprise, of course.

Banks have been handing private account information to the tax authorities for some time. There is no such thing as `privacyí as far as banks are concerned.

We have known that for years.

But it seems to me a bit rich when banks start deliberately collecting personal information that they do not need simply so that they can pass it on to the government.

Still, at least we know.

Donít tell your bank anything you donít want published on the web or emblazoned on a 25 foot high hoarding next to your home.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018