Maintain Your Dignity

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

When you become older you will find that your dignity is constantly under threat. You will be ignored, disrespected, humbled, humiliated and patronised.

To avoid these horrors you must be assertive.

Object strongly if you hear phrases such `old biddy’, `old man’, `granny’ or `grandpa’. These are the equivalent of calling someone a ‘nigger’ or a ‘paki’.

Don’t allow people to call you by your first name unless you want them to and you are allowed and encouraged to call them by their first names.

(I wrote a novel about a character called Mr Henry Mulligan who insists on being called ‘Mister Mulligan’.)

The aged are venerable and entitled to be treated with esteem.

This is a right.

The whole process of dehumanising is complex and commonplace.

Don’t allow anyone to take away your dignity. Don’t allow anyone to treat you without respect.

Taken from The Kick-Ass A to Z for Over 60s by Vernon Coleman

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018