Your Home Will Become a `Stranded Asset’

Dr Vernon Coleman

The United Nations and the World Economic Forum want to control every aspect of the way you live. If they get their way then nothing will stay the same. You will have to adapt your house so that it is acceptable to those officious truth deniers who are promoting the climate change myth. If you don’t do as they command, your taxes will rocket and you will be fined. If you persist in ignoring their orders your home will be confiscated or your water and electricity supplies will be cut off. This is not science fiction – this is real. Everything has been planned. Remember: `You will own nothing’ is their mantra.

Here, for example, are their plans for your home.

You will be forced to install:

1. A high efficiency heat pump with a geothermal heating and cooling system. This will cost you at least £10,000 to install, and if you have an old home it will be more expensive to run than anything else you have used in the past
2. A solar thermal heating system
3. Energy efficient lighting with special, approved light bulbs
4. A home energy control panel
5. Thermal windows (possibly triple glazed)
6. A wind turbine fitted on your roof. (The vibration and weight may damage your roof.)
7. Demand response appliances to minimise energy use
8. A grey water recovery system to ensure that your waste water is reused.
9. Corn based carpets
10. Soya based paint
11. Wall insulation (which cause serious problems)
12. Smart meters for electricity and water (which will enable the authorities to control your supplies – and turn them off if you have a low social credit score.)

Adapting your home to these (and more) requirements will probably require expenditure greater than the value of the home. And so you will have to move out of your useless house and it will become a stranded asset. You will have to move into a small, rented apartment in one of the smart 15 minute cities which are being planned and built.

Are all these proposals wise, economic and safe?

Well, that is debatable.

It is worth remembering that London’s Grenfell Tower, which caught fire and killed 72 people, had been clad with a special material designed to be more efficient and to save energy.

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