Letís Abandon Austerity!

Vernon Coleman

The millenials and the Corbynistas donít want any more austerity. They want the nation to spend, spend, spend. They want free money, lots of holidays and as little work as possible.

Those of us with brains have frowned on this Pools Winner mentality.

We have argued that Britain owes so much money that it has to start cutting the national debt Ė otherwise todayís children, teenagers and self-styled millenials, will pay a heavy price.

But, you know what?

Bugger it.

Old farts like me have favoured austerity because we know that in 40 to 50 years there will be absolutely no money at all for pensions, health care, education or any public services.

Britain will not be able to borrow any money because our debts will be unpayable.

Taxes will soar.

The fact is that we know that without austerity, Britain faces a bleak future.

But Iím fed up with fighting for austerity.

Fuck Ďem.

Let the stupid millenials and Corbynistas have their spend, spend, spend policies.

They will be the ones who will pay the price.

Iím fed up with being Ďsensibleí and trying to protect a generation which is too stupid to care about its own future.

So, letís spend, spend, spend.

I realised today that this will be a GOOD thing for most of us old farts.

As soon as the madness starts, interest rates will soar and the pound will collapse.

Our £1000 in the building society will pay us £100 in interest, instead of 50 pence.

Great. That will be nice.

And the millenials will find themselves paying 10% to 20% on a mortgage loan, a car loan or a loan to have more tattoos done.

Since most millenials assume that interest rates will always be in low single figures this will come as something of a shock to the little buggers.

But we wonít care, will we?

Because most of us old farts are lenders and not borrowers.

And when the spending starts, and austerity is brushed aside, we will be big winners.

So Ė bring it on!

I just became a Corbyinsta and a self-appointed honorary Millenial.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2017

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