20 Astonishing Facts About Sex

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. An Italian man suffocated to death between the 48FF size breasts of his mistress.

2. A woman living in the south of England claims to have had sex in 22 different makes of car.

3. Nine out of ten teenage boys fantasise sexually during masturbation. (What the hell do the rest think about? Homework?)

4. Three quarters of all men say that their penis hangs on the left hand side.

5. One in three women regularly fakes orgasms during sex.

6. Only 1 in 25 women is a virgin when she marries.

7. A normal healthy male can develop an erection (from limp to hard) in between 3 to 8 seconds.

8. A woman in the north of England claims that by massaging semen onto her breasts every day for nine years she increased their size from 34B to 34D.

9. Most men have their first ejaculation at the age of 14.

10. One in five women performs oral sex because she enjoys it - the rest do it because their partners enjoy it.

11. One in four women says that their sexual pleasure is affected by penis size.

12. Couples between the ages of 21 and 25 tend to have sex more often than at any other age.

13. A recent survey showed that nine out of ten women enjoy being undressed during sex.

14. In 1871, the Army and Navy spent over £50,000 of official funds on keeping 2,700 prostitutes at naval and military stations around the country.

15. A Frenchman who is 6 foot 8 inches tall has a wife who is 4 foot 11 inches small. They cannot kiss and make love at the same time.

16. In China, busy men used to deal with business matters while making love to their mistresses. They would sign papers and do deals while still physically connected to their lovers.

17. One in five men routinely climaxes in less than two minutes.

18. The term `gay' was first used to describe homosexuals in Australia in 1920.

19. The average American prostitute has sex with 694 men in an average year.

20. There are 90 different positions in which a man and a woman can have sex. Copyright Vernon Coleman

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