Claims That the World is Getting Hotter Are Fake (Here’s How They Do It)

Vernon Coleman

The Climate Change Conspiracy Theorists (the bent scientists and dumb politicians who believe that man is making the planet hotter) now regularly claim that the world is getting hotter.

They regularly produce figures which, they claim, prove that last year was hotter than any previous year.

How do they do it?


The conspiracy theorists who are trying to sell us the Climate Change myth simply put their measuring thermometers in hot places.

Why do they do it?

That’s easy too.

First, the world’s politicians want to persuade us that the planet is getting hotter as a result of man’s activities so that they can introduce laws forcing us to obey a whole raft of new laws – including using less oil. (They want us to use less oil because the stuff is rapidly running out. And the world’s governments want to keep the oil for themselves – so that they can continue to keep their planes and tanks filled with gas.)

Second, scientists who believe in the climate change myth are making tons of money from promoting the myth. And they are making themselves very important. They also get to fly around the world to wonderful locations where they can hold meetings discussing the climate change problem.

Third, journalists believe all the nonsense they are told – partly because they don’t have the training to ask the right questions and partly because they too like flying off to exotic locations to discuss the climate change threat. (You will have noticed that climate change conferences are rarely held in places like Wolverhampton, Philadelphia or Frankfurt.)

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