Britain Will Be Forced Into Accepting The New EU Constitution - Blair's Referendum Will Be Ignored

Scared that British voters will vote `No' to the EU constitution which Blair has been pressured into promising, EU bosses are already planning evasive action.

Instead of allowing Britain's voters to scupper the new constitution the EU will organise a huge Europe-wide vote - a ballot of around 500 million people.

This plan will, of course, also enable the EU to scupper a No vote from any other individual country. (Voters in all the long established EU members who are likely to organise referenda will almost certainly vote `No'.)

The EU bosses believe that their mega-referendum will produce the result they want (acceptance of the new constitution) because voters of all the new member countries will be entitled to vote. They, of course, are likely to benefit enormously from membership in the short-term since membership will enable them to move to Britain and claim Government cash - as well as taking advantage of the EU's absurd Common Agricultural Policy.

Once the new constitution becomes law the EU will abandon all pretence that the change is cosmetic and will rush through a raft of new policies which will change Europe for ever.

* Britain will cease to exist - and will become just a series of regions within the EU superstate.

* Migrants to the EU will be given even greater rights.

* A common education policy will be introduced - including yet more official pro-EU propaganda.

* The amount of money available to EU bureaucrats will be massively increased.

* The EU will have a massively increased army. Individual, national armies will disappear.

* Workers rights will be increased dramatically and far more red tape will be introduced (destroying the viability of most British companies). The number of people employed directly by the EU will rocket.

The big question is: Did Blair know about the EU plans when he promised a referendum? Did he know that the referendum he was promising would either never take place - or would be totally irrelevant?

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2004