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Brexit Party

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Dog Watch

Wind power kills

Guardian gets it wrong again

Are Millennials ignorant or indifferent to Nazi horrors

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All remainers are ignorant idiots

Theresa May is insane and we are going to pay for her insanity

The scariest thought

We need our own Dalai Lama

EU migrants costing us a fortune

I bet you didn't know

More climate change bollocks

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Basic wage

Jobs for MPs

Justice for all as long as they're lefty remainers

David Lammy and the Nazis

According to the EU, Gibraltar is part of SW England


Pardon me for mentioning it but...

They still don't get it do they?

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Gary Lineker

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17.4 million suspects

Britons never shall be slaves - until now

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We hate the EU and always will

Joachim von Ribbontrop - an eu founder

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Theresa May needs locking up

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Conspiracy, coup, corruption and bribery

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We're fighting a civil war and the remainers are now the enemy

We don't want Gove as Prime Minister

Betrayal, Betrayal, Betrayal

The big lie remainers like to tell

Is Theresa May now insane?

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

It's terrifying to look at the men and women who will decide our future

175 million march for Brexit

MPs have stolen Brexit and democracy

Posh boys and chips

Remainer MPs are Holocaust deniers

Let's boycott the eu

When the next government tries to take us back into the eu...

Message to remainers - you lost

Question for the second referendum

I will leave the eu on March 29th

Anarchy now rules

The NHS and the royal family are finished

Have the remainers won

We must never forget or forgive

Why Sajid Javid can't be Prime Minister

Bugger off, Bercow! You're fired

Rules for the second referendum

We are living in an occupied country - with a vichy style government

Daft new eu laws

There's going to be a war: the crusades mark II

Britain needs a general election not a referendum

SNP supporters are truly stupid

Retribution: to cleanse, to protect and to punish

Retribution: the beginning

March 13 2019: the Death of Democracy and Freedom in Britain

David Lammy - an enthusiastic remainer

Bollocks to Bercow

Neo Nazis are everywhere

Leavers v Remainers: chalk and cheese

Manu Macron - enemy of democracy and freedom

Dear Theresa May...

Why do Labour Party remainers hate poor people?

Together we can destroy the EU

Remainers lit a fire

False flags all aflutter

Theresa May et al must be tried for treason

You could go to prison for reading this

It will be illegal to criticise the EU

The 40 founding fathers of the eu

Democracy is dead

Betrayed by the Daily Mail (Again)

A message to Germany

How eu employees are forced to remain loyal

All remainers are neo-nazis

Questions remainers can't answer

We must destroy the EU - here's how

Ways the Nazi Party (aka the eu) has wrecked life in Britain

'Should black women be allowed to vote?'

The EU's Most Enthusiastic Supporters?

Vernon Coleman MEP

You Must Read...

Exclusive interview with Adolf Hitler

Traitors in charge

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We'd be better off if we'd lost WWII

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No-deal scaremongering

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The Irish border problem (isn't a real problem at all)

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Brexit negotiations

Another potty government intervention

Blair shock!

The House of Lords will decide our future

The second referendum: the question to be asked

Proof the EU is a Nazi Creation

What makes the Remainers tick (you'll be surprised)

Tory rebels are helping us to a hard Brexit (Hurrah!)

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We should all vote for Corbyn!

Theresa the Traitor? The great betrayal

Have the Tories been paid...

Corbyn and Labour up the ante with even more generous manifesto

Why nearly all Britons now support Brexit

Macron - Helping to keep the Nazi dream alive

Election Notes

Government gives citizens marks for good behaviour

So, whatever happened to Donald Trump

How the Government fiddles the inflation figures

The EU perks Britons will lose

Private note to MI5 and Special Branch

Winston Churchill and the EU: the truth

Startling, incontrovertible proof that all Remainers are Nazi sympathisers: how EU supporters are helping to preserve Hitler's dream

How the EU kills people

Britain apologises to US over anti-Trump slurs

The joy of brexit

Why should we pay one penny to leave Hitler's...

The secret link between Britain's Supreme Court and the EU

The 12 things the EU has given us

We could and should leave the EU NOW

Will Germany and the EU cause World War III?

The mystery of Edward Vernon

Christmas carols that are offensive and should be banned

What Britain will look like within a decade

www.vernoncoleman.com shut down - our apologies

Why Adolf Hitler, Ted Heath et al are celebrating - thanks to Gina Miller and Deir Dos Santos

What are Remain voters really like?

Why productivity in Britain is the worst in the world

No Tax No Vote

Why there can never be an English Assembly

Why are young adults so self-obsessed...

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The EU wastes vast quantities of taxpayers' money

Goldman Sachs: Is this a joke?

Why I despise liberal lefty luvvies

Why has the truth about dementia been suppressed?

Why we should boycott Walkers crisps

The Remainers now want individual membership of the European Union

Why Trump's win is a great victory for freedom and democracy

Are these celebrities traitors, quislings or just misinformed simpletons?

The day democracy died

The Brexit battle has a long way to go

Go home Carney!

The real reason for the climate change nonsense

England is the most overcrowded country in the EU - the proof!

Britain - a police state

The climate change myth

EU Quiz

Don't wash out cans and bottles destined for the recycling bin

The real reason why hospitals are closing

Mass immigration of Britain's National Health Service

Striking doctors are a disgrace

We won't accept Brexit Lite!

Britain has the best negotiator in the world

Who the hell voted remain?

The whingeing minority

When Tony Blair Supported Brexit! (You must read this)

Bad laws we can dump when we're free of the EU

The damage done by the British government's policy of 'gold plating' EU legislation

Osborne spins again (like he did last summer)

Shocking proof that the EU puts Germany first and people second

Why is Carney determined to destroy our economy?

Twelve things we have learnt this week

Let vigilance be your sword

The Great Betrayal: How and why politicians deliberately caused our state of chaos

Why the Remain camp lost the referendum (and why they should stop whingeing)

We just won World War III

Is George Osborne the most pathetic man in Britain?

Independence Day: putting the Great back into Britain

Continued Membership Of The EU Will Lead To Rioting And Civil War

Truths About The EU That Cameron And The BBC Don't Want You To Know

Why UKIP Always Fails in London

If Britain Leaves the EU...

A Short History of the EU (Shocking!)

Britain's Future

 Facts About The EU Everyone Should Know

Little Englanders

Proof That The EU Is Hitler's Dream Come True...

Bureaucrats In Brussels Make It Clear Who Is In Charge

How Many Of Our Leaders Are Psychopaths?

Ted Heath Sold Britain To The EU For 35,000

Statist Or Fascist?

Gordon Is A Moron

Who Wants A Global Government?

Voting Suggestion

Half A Dozen Sound Reasons Why Everyone In England Should...

What England Must Do To Survive

Does 'Bliar' Really Care About Global Warming?

News The BBC Probably Didn't Bring You

Vernon Coleman's Speech At The UKIP Conference - October 2006

How We Can Rescue Our Country From The Fascists Who Have Stolen It

Living In A Fascist Country - Banned

How The British Media Lied And Tricked Us Into Joining The EU

Here Are The Views Of Tony Blair About The EU

The Evidence That Britons And Americans Are Living In Fascist Countries

The BBC - The Bent Broadcasting Corporation

Why The Media Can't Be Trusted To Provide The Truth

Why The EU Is Like The Old USSR

Why Britain's Laws Are Being Changed To Allow 24-Hour Drinking

Britain's Police Are Now A Bigger Threat Than The Terrorists

I Name The Man Behind The London Bombings

The Achievements And Virtues Of Tony Blair

The EU Will Use British Taxpayers' Money To Try To Persuade British Electors To Vote For The New EU

A Perfect Example...

The Last Word On Politicians

Why Welsh And Scottish Nationalists Should Fight To Save England

One Law For Them, One Law For Us

Is Gordon Brown Really As Stupid...?

How The People Newspaper Endangered 'Our Boys In The Desert'

Britain Will Be Forced Into Accepting The New EU Constitution - Blair's Referendum Will Be Ignored

How An Epidemic Of Malingering Is Destroying Britain

Don't Waste Public Money Protecting Politicians

Germany Rules In The New EU

Bush And Blair Should Be Tried As War Criminals

Could Britain Survive Outside The EU?

(Micro) Chips With Everything

30 facts regarding the EU

Vernon Coleman and The Mirror

The Citizen's Charter

How To Protest