Why Donít Liberal Lefty Luvvies Care About Britons in Need?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Britain is rich enough to spend £50 billion on a new rail link (widely regarded as unnecessary) between London and wherever you can reach with the amount of railway line you can buy for £50 billion. Britain is rich enough to waste billions every year on foreign aid (most of it is creamed off by greedy consultants and self-serving charities). And, apparently, rich enough to pay £350 million a week for membership of the European Union.

And yet 40,000 elderly citizens die of cold every winter in the United Kingdom.

Surely this is proof, if proof be needed, that we do not live in a civilised country?

How can we possibly call ourselves civilised when 40,000 of our citizens canít afford to keep warm in cold weather?

If 40,000 foreigners died of the cold the liberal lefty luvvies would be twittering as fast as their fingers could fly. They would be appalled. They would demand action.

But they donít give a toss about elderly Britons.

Liberal lefty luvvies make a huge fuss about foreigners who want to come to Britain to grab some of our free money.

But you donít often hear them worrying about the plight of the elderly, do you?

The elderly are our oppressed and forgotten people.

More than a million old people who have trouble with basic activities receive no help whatsoever. Nothing.

A contact working in an English hospital tells me that elderly patients are deliberately put onto a ward where MRSA is endemic in order to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

(Could this be one of the reasons why hospitals seem apparently reluctant to take the simple steps that would eradicate killer, antibiotic resistant bugs?)

In every conceivable way, the elderly are poorer today than ever before.

And yet our politicians donít give a stuff. As far as they are concerned, the elderly are merely a nuisance. And an expensive nuisance at that.

(Worse still, they tend to be patriotic, remember Hitler and want to leave the EU.)

And the Entitlement Generation are too busy thinking of themselves to give a toss about the elderly.

What the politicians and the Entitlement Generation forget is that one day they too will be old.

By then they will have helped build a society in which anyone over the age of 60 is regarded as worthless and disposable.

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