Will Germany and the EU Cause World War III?

Vernon Coleman

The EU is creating chaos all over Europe.

The Greeks and the Italians loathe the European Union and the people who run it.

The EUís utterly absurd immigration policy (designed by idiots who thought that by bringing in millions of younger people the EU would be able to avoid the problems associated with an ageing population) is creating misery everywhere.

The madness of introducing the euro is now widely recognised by everyone with enough brain tissue to enable them to tie their own shoe laces.

Naturally, Germany has benefited enormously from the pan-EU currency. (Since the EU was designed by Hitler and arranged to suit German needs this is hardly surprising.)

But every other country has suffered.

Unless the EU is broken up very soon, and the euro abandoned, there will be a war in Europe.

Citizens all across the EU are fed up with the anti-democracy designed and run by a few toxic bureaucrats.

In elections this year, the citizens of several countries (including France) will have a chance to elect to leave the EU.

If their demands are not met there will be more rioting throughout Europe.

And things could get really nasty.

Proponents of the EU always claim that the EU was created to stop wars in Europe.

This is, of course, not true.

The EU was designed by the Nazi party to ensure that fascism succeeded and that Germany ruled Europe.

There is now a real likelihood that the existence of the EU will lead to World War III Ė with Germany standing firm against other EU countries.

The main hope for peace is the rise of anti-EU parties in Germany and the defeat of Merkel.

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