Winston Churchill and the EU: The Truth

Vernon Coleman

Someone called Guy Verhofstadt, who is apparently the Brexit negotiator for the European Parliament, has claimed that Sir Winston Churchill would have voted Remain – to stay in the European Union.

This is, to put it mildly, pie in the sky: yet another piece of wishful thinking from a representative of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi theme park dreamland.

Here are two genuine Churchill quotes which relate to the EU (both taken from my book OFPIS):

‘Britain could not be an ordinary member of a federal union limited to Europe in any period which can be…foreseen.’ – Winston Churchill

‘If you ask me to choose between Europe and the open sea, I choose the open sea.’ – Winston Churchill.

So let’s have no more nonsense from the desperadoes at the European Union.

Sir Winston Churchill, who knew that the EU was Hitler’s dream, would have hated the European Union and would have fought against our membership with all his heart.

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