Why Donít Cyclists Pay a Road Tax?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Why donít cyclists pay a road tax? They use the roads, they demand special privileges (for which they pay nothing) and by impeding traffic flow they add enormously to congestion and delays.

By slowing motorised vehicles to a crawl they add massively to petrol and diesel consumption and therefore add to air pollution.

Cars often collide when forced to overtake cyclists on narrow, busy roads.

Cyclists are a clear danger to motorists and pedestrians. They should pay the same level of road tax as small vans.

I write as someone who has been a keen cyclist for 65 years Ė which is considerably longer than I have been a motorist and only slightly shorter than I have been a pedestrian.

And I write also as someone who is fed up with the fact that hardly a day goes by without a cyclist complaining online that he or she has been inconvenienced in some modest way by tax paying road traffic.

Every time I go out onto the roads in a car I find that I am inconvenienced by discourteous, arrogant and often aggressive cyclists.

So, cyclists should pay a road tax like every other road user.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2017

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