Patients Donít Die of Alzheimerís

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Alzheimerís disease causes dementia and a loss of mental abilities but (despite the fact that it is officially regarded as a major killer Ė in the US it is said to be the fifth commonest killer of people over the age of 65) there is no real reason why Alzheimerís disease should result in death.

When patients are said to have died from Alzheimerís disease, or some other form of dementia, they will have usually died of pneumonia or some other infection which has been deliberately left untreated.

A patient who has genuinely died as a direct result of their dementia, without an infection or any other complication, will have probably died from idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus which was not diagnosed but which caused death by compressing, damaging and destroying many different parts of the brain.

Alzheimerís disease does not do this.

Tragically, I have no doubt that a large percentage of the patients who are said to have died of Alzheimerís disease were suffering from normal pressure hydrocephalus and could have been cured.

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