So, Whatever Happened to Donald Trump

Vernon Coleman

I had hopes. I really did have hopes. I thought that Trump, the megalomaniac, could take on the Washington Establishment and give them a good run for their money. I thought there was a chance he could even become Americaís greatest President Ė ridding the country of the political machinery and red tape which have done so much damage to the country. One of his original vows was to force Government departments to get rid of two laws for every new one they introduced. A brilliant idea.

But heís lost and is pretty much out for the count.

There are three reasons why Trump has failed.

First, he turned out to be so obsessed by trivia, vanity and Twitter (OK, thatís a triple oxymoron) that he failed to see the big picture Ė or to understand that a manís legacy is not built upon inane tweets.

Second, he is obviously less determined and less ruthless than I thought.

Third, the Washington Mafia (created by the Bushes and Clinton and sustained by Obama and the media) succeeded in distracting and demonising Trump to such an extent that he should be renamed Donald Chump.


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