Twelve Things the EU Has Given Us (You Must Read This)

Vernon Coleman

1. Giant rats
Because of the EUís absurd and scientifically unsound obsession with climate change, local councils are not allowed to collect rubbish in the sensible, old-fashioned way. Councils are heavily fined if they do not force householders to put their rubbish into recycling containers. No one cares that the carefully sorted recycling rubbish is then sent to China to be dumped. Not collecting rubbish regularly means that the rat population in Europe is soaring. And rats are getting healthier and bigger. The EU has given us giant rats.

2. Short-term contracts and insecurity for low paid workers
The EUís employment legislation has forced employers to put many low paid workers on short-term contracts. The result is a loss of security for millions of workers. Eurocrats who created this daft legislation have no understanding of the real world because their own working lives are so protected and undemanding.

3. Rising unemployment among young women
EU legislation on maternity benefits means that employers are now unwilling to hire young women who might become pregnant.

4. Soaring food prices
The Common Agricultural Policy which rewards farmers with vast profits, has pushed up food prices throughout Europe. British citizens pay thousands more because of the EU farming subsidies.

5. Massive queues in shops
The lack of staff in shops is a direct result of EU employment legislation. More and more shops are introducing self-service tills but there often isnít enough space and so there are queues at these too.

6. Poor GP service
If you have to wait a month to see your GP, you can blame the EU. Once again, employment legislation forced upon us by the EU has resulted in GPs working a 35 hour week. At nights and at weekends there is no GP availability because of the EU. (It is this absence of out of hours GP services which has forced Accident and Emergency Departments to break down under the strain of too much work.)

7. Rotten hospital services
Hospitals are now punished by the EU if doctors work more than 40-hour weeks. And so there are often no doctors in hospitals at night or at weekends.

8. Rising cancer rates
EU laws have resulted in cancer rates soaring. Food sold within the EU is often packed with carcinogens, toxins, hormones and antibiotics. And no one yet knows what damage will be done by the EU allowing food manufacturers to sell genetically engineered food.

9. Buggered up pensions
Finance laws and policies introduced by the EU have buggered up pensions. But EU employees have massive, inflation linked pensions which are unaffected by EU legislation.

10. Disappearing bees
Genetically engineered crops packed with insecticides mean that the bees are dying in their millions. Without bees, crops are not pollinated. Another reason why food prices are soaring.

11. Red tape affecting profits
Small businesses in particular have been hit hard by red tape introduced by the EU. When small businesses are damaged they cannot grow or hire extra employees.

12. Electricity shortages
Britain is about to run out of electricity because nutty EU laws have forced us to close many of our existing power stations. And electric cars, which use vast amounts of electricity, are making things worse. Unsightly windmills and solar panels are grossly inefficient and rely on massive taxpayer subsidies. (Biofuels, which led to increasing starvation around the world, were another EU enthusiasm.)

Please ask your friends to read this list Ė which really is the tip of a very large iceberg.

Copyright Vernon Coleman

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